Tutorial Tuesday: Sunrise Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Welcome to the first post in the Tutorial Tuesday series. Each week I’ll be showing you a new makeup technique – with pictures!

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: Full 1This Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial, will show step by step what you need to do to achieve the look. You’ll understand why I call it Sunrise Eyes when you see the finished product. Click on the pictures to see a bigger view. Let’s get started!

First, you’ll need to use any foundations or powders you like. You can read my how to guide for this here: Priming the Canvas: Getting Your Face Ready for Makeup. There, you’ll find everything you need to get your face ready for makeup. Don’t forget this step! If you do, your makeup won’t look so great in the end.

Here’s everything that I used to get this look:

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: The Gear

I’ll mention each of these products as we go along.

The first real step toward getting the Sunrise Eyes look is to do the eyeshadow. Many people start with eyeliner. That’s not the case with this look. Sunrise Eyes are dramatic, so eyeliner goes on afterward.

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: red eye shadow

Choose a reddish pink color to start out with. I used a large eyeshadow palette for my colors today. It’s by Elite Pro Cosmetics and I highly recommend it. There are 88 shades, so I can always match any outfit!

Now you will want to apply it to your lid:

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: red shadow

As you can see, I am applying it from the outer corner, fanning out beyond the eye, to about one quarter of the way in. Blend it up to just above your crease. Make sure that the color is heavily saturated. It may look weird now, but with blending it will look amazing in the end.

Now for the second color:

Sunrise Eyes - Orange Shadow

Now I’m using an orange color. It isn’t any lighter or darker than the red, but it does have a bit of a sparkle.

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: orange shadow

Blend the orange from the center of your eye out toward the red shadow you first applied. Blend, blend, blend! I use a brush instead of a different shadow applicator. This helps me blend a lot better than I would otherwise. I highly recommend using a brush.

Now, for the final color:

Sunrise Eyes - Green Shadow

Next I use a greenish yellow color. While the color is green by itself, it changes when it’s blended with the first two colors.

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: green shadow

See? It doesn’t look so green now. Blend this starting at the inside corner of your eye. Work the shadow across the top of your lid and over the other two colors. Blend this until there is a seamless transition from red to orange to greenish yellow. You may need to coat your brush with the greenish yellow shadow several times in order to get this effect.

Now you’re done with the shadow! All that’s left is to complete the look. Now onto eyeliner:

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: liner

Start at the outer corner and and sweep it down to the inside corner. Try to get as close to the lashes as possible. Also, make the line thicker on the outside, getting progressively thinner as you move in. I used Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray.

Here you can see that I also swept the eyeliner on the bottom lid as well. I put it on the waterline for a more dramatic effect. Not sure how to do that? Check out my tutorial video: How to Line Your Lower Waterline.

Now I need some mascara:

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: mascara

Apply the mascara to both the bottom and top lids, from root to tip. Remember that we’re being dramatic! I used NYX Doll Eye Volume Mascara.

We’re done with the eyes! Now for the finishing touches:

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: lips

Since the eyes are very dramatic for this makeup technique, you’ll want your lips to be subtle. That’s the general rule. If you have a lot of makeup on your eyes, then you shouldn’t have a lot on your lips, and vice versa. I used Aeropostale Solid Lip Gloss in Light Pink.

While you can use any type of blush, I used a mineral powder version today. I swept it from the apple of the cheeks up around my temple and up onto the side of my forehead. I used L’Oreal Bare Naturale All Over Mineral Glow.

Now we’re done! Let’s have a look at the results of our Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial:

Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial: Full 2

I hope you liked this Sunrise Eyes makeup tutorial. What did you think? Are you going to give it a try?

Next week I’ll show you how to get Watermelon Eyes!

Want to see an outfit that would go well with this look?  Check out An Outfit to Match: Sunrise Eyes.


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