Website of the Week: iCing

iCing Transformation ChallengeSometimes it’s fun to find a blog that is not only about fashion or makeup, but about life in general as well. That’s what you will get at iCing.

This blog, created by writer Gala Darling, started out as a fashion blog. She soon realized that loving life is often more important. You’ll find that a lot of her posts are about feeling good and being happy. Oh yes, and about awesome fashion.

She recently started the iCing Transformation Challenge. This is a month-long challenge intended to get Gala and all her readers on track when it comes to your body and life. You make your own goals and then discuss those goals with the group.

Although I haven’t been visiting the blog long, I really like this sassy, purple-haired blogger.


Photo Credit: “iCing Transformation Challenge” by iCing Website

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  1. Gala is brilliant… I love iCiNG. Are you subscribed for her weekly Cupcake emails?? They’re so fun!

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