Website of the Week: BellaSugar

It’s all about beauty! There are so many websites online about beauty, but few of them have as much daily content as BellaSugar. On a typical day, you could see as many as 15 new posts. Not only that, but they are quality posts. You’ll find information about the latest makeup and beauty trends, as well as reviews and celebrity news related to the subject. They have a large team of writers to give you such well-written information.

BellaSugar is a part of the TeamSugar network. When you visit BellaSugar, you will see all of their other websites listed on the left. If you are looking to have a good laugh, I highly recommend GiggleSugar.

The best thing about BellaSugar is the community. You’ll find a lot of great commenters giving their expert and amateur opinions. A fun part of the site is joining the community and giving your own two cents.

Have you visited this website? What did you think?


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  1. Oh my goodness! I just saw this — thank you so much for the honor and kind words. Totally made my day.

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