Super Makeup Tricks with White Eyeliner

In your quest for the perfect eyeliner, you’ve no doubt come across the white variety of this makeup necessity. And, judging by the overall popularity of white eyeliner, you probably passed it up. Most people don’t realize just how great white eyeliner can be. There are some tricks that you can do in order to come up with some amazing looks.

Sure, you could use it just like you would any other eyeliner. The problem is that most people are just too afraid to sport such a bold look.

There are other ways you can use this makeup that will look interesting and cool.

For the techniques listed below, I’m using Jane One Liners in Snowline.

Layering Liner

Have you ever layered your eyeliner? This isn’t something you generally see in women’s magazines, but it’s a cool eyeliner trick.

  1. Go about your regular business with applying eye shadow. This technique works best if you do shadow first, and then liner.
  2. Apply a thicker-than-normal line of white eyeliner. This should be about twice as thick as you would normally line your lids.
  3. Over your white line, draw in with a different color. I did black in the picture above. Follow the same curve that you created with the first line, but make this one half as thick.
  4. Enjoy!

Layering eyeliner adds a little punch to your look. Your eyes look brighter even though you’re still wearing black liner as well.

You can layer other colors as well! I like to have a thick blue liner with a smaller black line when I’m wearing an outfit with a lot of blue. This can work for nearly anything.

Highlighting the Eyes

Sometimes using an eyeliner means that you’re adding an effect rather than an entire look. If you have smaller eyes or just wish yours were even bigger, try using white eyeliner to highlight your eyes.

  1. Start making up your eyes as normal. Add shadow and line the top with a dark color. I use black in this photograph. Leave the lower lid alone for now.
  2. Line the inside rim of your lower lid with white eyeliner. Don’t worry about how it looks too much. This is meant to blend in. You don’t want it too noticeable. Instead, the white acts like a highlight. Your eyes will look bigger and brighter.

Other Fun Tricks

  • Feeling bold? You can just use your white liner like you would any of your other liners. If you do, be careful when you use mascara. It’s fine if the wand brushes up on your black eyeliner, but it will look bad if you leave specks of black or brown on the white line.
  • You can make any color of eyeliner you want with some eyeshadow and white eyeliner. Be sure to use a pencil eyeliner instead of a self-advancing liner like the one I use. All you have to do is line your top lid, and then sweep any color of eye shadow over that line. The white eyeliner will grab onto that shadow for dear life. Instead of being white, it will now look the color of the shadow.¬† Even if the eyeshadow fades off of your lid, it’ll still stay on the formerly white line, and make it look as though you lined your lid with whatever color shadow you used.
  • Use the white eyeliner as a guide when you tweeze your eyebrows. Draw the shape you want for your brows, the pluck anything that falls outside the white line.

Do you use white eyeliner? What fun tricks do you use?


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  1. Ooo…this is helpful. I read something about white liner in a fashion mag last winter, bought some, tried it…and haven’t been back. I’ll definitely try these tricks, though!

    I’m having lots of fun with light blue liner right now.

  2. Hi, i use the white eyeliner as a primer, I just put all over the eyelid, spread it a little with my finger and put some eyeshadow on it and it stay a lot longer. It is great because you can draw what you want to do in your eyes, like the V to make eyes look arabic, and then put the eyeshadow without any fear, its great.

  3. That’s a really good idea, Mayra! Eye shadow stays on way longer when it’s dusted on top of white eyeliner. Plus, the colors will look a lot brighter. Good idea on the designs, too!

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Very helpful, thanks. I haven’t been exactly sure as to how I was gonna use my white eyeliner (Jane One Liners too!!! Very coincidental) so thanks so much for the tips!

  5. I LOVE white eyeliner. When im going for a bolder look i use it on my top and bottom eye and use a navy blue mascara instead of black. It really makes my green eyes pop, and everyone complements me on it. On other days when i go for a more subtle look, i just use it on the bottom lid and it adds that extra sparkle to my eye.

  6. Ooo, white eyeliner with navy blue mascara? That sounds really pretty. I’ll have to try it!

  7. I have read lots of on white eye linear but I haven’t use white eye linear yet. I would like to try on me this shade. I hope my eyes will look beautiful with this shade.

  8. I wear my white eyeliner on my water line to make my small eyes seem larger. It really works.

  9. I use white eyeliner to make my little eyes look bigger. Line the bottom lid, above the lashes, with as much white as you can get up there, if your eyes are wide, extend the line in toward your nose (not too far!) if your eyes are close or normal width, extend the line out toward your temple (again, not too far) trace the line below with flat black (you could probably use other colors, too) voil√°! Bigger eyes!

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