Tutorial Tuesday: Steely Smoke Eyes

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for Tutorial Tuesdays! I mean, I already know the technique and I’m still excited. Anyway, today I’m going to do something a little different. In the first tutorials, I did bright, colorful makeup that’s perfect for spring. Not this time! Instead, I’m doing an eye makeup tutorial on my own spin of the classic smoky eye.

I call it Steely Smoke Eyes. Why? Because it has a bluish-grey tint to it that reminds me of steel. As you can tell by now, I tend to name my makeup techniques after the things they remind me of. So clever!

This look is best for special occasions or when you really want to make a statement.

If you want to get a bluish smoky eye look, read on for this makeup tutorial!

As with all makeup techniques, you’ve got to start with an empty face:

Oh, how darling. Before we move on, you need to prepare your face for makeup. Learn to do so at one of my previous posts: Priming the Canvas: Getting Your Face Ready for Makeup.

Now it’s time to gather up all of your supplies.

You’ll be using eyeliner, various shadows, mascara, and lip gloss. I’ll explain each item as we go along.

Unlike previous tutorials, we’re starting with eyeliner today instead of eye shadow:

I used a khol pencil eyeliner today. I put a thick line on my upper eyelid. You don’t have to worry too much on how this looks. It doesn’t have to be perfect since you’ll be putting a lot of shadow over it anyway. I used Prestige Soft Blend Khol Eyeliner in Jet Black.

Now you can start the shadow:

The first color is going to be a dark grey shadow with a bit of a shimmer to it. I used a color pallet from Claire’s. They just call the pallet ‘Eye Shadow’ and there’s no other name for it. It consists of greys and blues (as you can see in the equipment picture above.) I liked using this pallet in the makeup tutorial because it shows that you can achieve an awesome look even with cheap makeup.

Apply the dark grey shadow as shown:

Sweep this shadow along where you put your eyeliner. Toward the outer corner of your lid, start arching upward. I use an eyeshadow brush, and I highly recommend it. The sponge applicators that usually come with shadow, well, suck.

Next, you’ll choose a dark blue color, also shimmery. This is from that same Claire’s pallet, although you’ll do fine with something similar from a different brand.

Apply this color as shown above. Blend it in with that first dark grey shadow. You should go about one third of the way in from the outside of your lid. You should also blend it to a bit above your crease.

And here it looks with eyes closed:

Dark Blue Application - Closed

As you can see, the shadow comes at an angle away from the inside corner of the eye, rather than straight up.

This next shadow is somewhat of a medium to light blue. As with the others, this shadow has a shimmer.

This is how it will look with the eyes open. You should use this shadow to fill up the rest of the lid. Spread it across starting at the inner corner and work your way into the other colors. This will blend them together so that they look seamless. Spread the color up to match the height of what you did with the other shadows.

And here’s how it looks open! While we’re done with the Claire’s pallet, we still have one more shadow step to go.

Shimmer Shadow

Now you’re going to use a light, shimmery shadow. While the colors I already used had some shimmer, I really want to pump this up. I used Revlon Diamond Lust in Champagne Buzz.

Sweep this shadow over the entire lid. Cover everywhere that you already put shadow. This will soften the look a bit and will also add that extra bit of sheen we all love so much.

Done with shadow! Now for the finishing touches.

Mascara always does the trick! Put it on both the top and bottom lashes. Black is best since this is meant to be a bit of a dark look. I used Mary Kay MK Signature® Waterproof Mascara in black.

Since my eyes are shimmery, I wanted a shimmery lip as well. I chose my most sparkly lip gloss: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Creme Femme.

We’re done! That was easy, wasn’t it? Now for the after pictures:

After Closed

See what I mean about the steel look? Either way, you’ve just witnessed a smoky eyes tutorial. My little twist added a bit of blue to make it the illustrious Steely Smoke Eyes!

What do you think of this look? Let me know if you try it!


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  1. You’ve got mad shadow skills!

    I happen to have that same pallette of Claire’s makeup, and will definitely have to try this look out.

  2. To be honest I liked the video tutorial on smoky eyes more than this tutorial. You should try a darker shadow close to your eyelashes and up to your crease, as the steel look makes your eyelids appear bigger than your eyes itself, which is a shame. Apply to your eye shape, as the video suggests.

  3. @Annie:

    Really? I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree! Frankly, my eyelids look bigger in those pictures because my eyes are half closed and my eyebrows are raised.

  4. your lips are huge! this might just be my envy talking, but you might want to downplay them when doing such an intense eye. I like the look a lot, and i might try it myself, but i do agree with Annie about the crease thing. I have deep-set eyes and i find it makes my eyes look enormous!

  5. Yeah, my lips are pretty big. I often forget about that. Although I’m not so sure I want to downplay them. 😉

    As for the eyes, wouldn’t you rather have your eyes look big? I’m betting that your own deep-set eyes are gorgeous.

  6. I tried it, but i dont know how good it looks on me…i have an ugly face so that doesnt help! lol

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