Tutorial Tuesday: Umber Eyes

Up until now, I’ve been doing some bold looks for the Tutorial Tuesdays. Most people aren’t going to wear this kind of makeup on a regular basis (unless you’re me.) Instead, you may want something a bit more subtle. Something you can wear to work.

Hence, Umber Eyes.

This is an eye makeup tutorial using a brown shadow pallet. Brown makeup can go with a lot of things and blends in well with most people’s coloring.

While it may not be suitable for a night of hardcore partying, it’s still good for most other everyday uses.

So commences Umber Eyes!

First, you need to have a totally flat, naked face:

Bare Face

Don’t I look like a sad little kitten? I’m so much happier with makeup on. And we all know that the ‘before’ picture has to have a sad, terrible face. It makes the ‘after’ look so much better.

The next step, as always, is all about your face. You’ll likely need foundation and powder and such. Instead of explaining that here, you can check it out a previous post I made that explains all about it: Priming the Canvas: Getting Your Face Ready for Makeup.

After that, it’s all about the makeup. This is what I used:

You can click to have a closer look. These are the products that I used. You can find something equivalent if you don’t have what I have.

  1. Cover Girl Eye Enhancers #260 Coffee Shop
  2. Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil in Brazilian Brown
  3. Mary Kay MK Signature® Waterproof Mascara
  4. Prestige CL-42A: Rosewood
  5. Sephora Gloss Repulpant

There you have it! You’ll see more about all of these products as we move down the line.

We’ll be using these colors in the Cover Girl Eye Enhancers compact. The numbers will help you know what colors I’m using. They’ll go in order.

First, color number one:

This is a dark chocolate brown eye shadow, matte. I only used a little bit of this, as you can see. To match my look, sweep the shadow around the outer corner of your eye. Bring it a third of the way into both your upper and lower eyelid. Then, sweep it out toward the eyebrow. It may look gaudy, but it’ll look better as you blend the other colors.

Next is the number two color, a shimmy bronze. Blend this into the first color, and then bring it into your crease in an arch shape. You don’t have to be too careful of what it looks like since it will all blend together in the end.

And now, for the final color:

Here’s where you use the shimmery, gold. Fill in the blank spot on your eyelid. Also sweep the color on the rest of the lid so that it blends with the other colors. Keep blending until there are now noticeable separation lines between the colors.

It should look like this when the eyes are closed:

See? The second, bronze color no longer looks like some terrible gaudy mess. That’s the power of blending, folks!

Now for the eyeliner. As you can see, I used brown (Milani Easyliner Retractable Pencil in Brazilian Brown). That’s so unlike me! Normally, I’m a black liner junky. Brown eyeliner is good when you want a subtle, natural-ish look. Apply it only to the top lid.

Finally, the mascara. Although I could forgo black eyeliner, I still used black mascara. I can’t help myself! To keep up with the natural, low-maintenance look, apply your mascara to the upper lashes only. Mary Kay MK Signature Waterproof Mascara, here I come.

Almost done!

I decided to use a lip stick that is very close to my natural shade (Prestige CL-42A: Rosewood). Instead of changing the color of my lips, it makes the shade more refined and even. Over that, I added Sephora Gloss Repulpant. This is a lip gloss that has that extra tingly bite. Although it is slightly tinted brown and has a bit of sparkle, all it really does is adds a bit of shine. Just what I wanted!

Ta-da! All done! Have a look at the after shots:

Pretty, no? This seems more than respectful and delicate for an office job. You can wear a good amount of makeup without looking like a harlot. I promise. This brown eye makeup tutorial, affectionately called Umber Eyes, shows what we can really do with the brown family of colors.

Thinking of trying this look? Let me know! I want to see pictures!


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