Tutorial Tuesday: Blueberry Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes it’s really hard to think up a good name for one of these tutorials.

I chose ‘blueberry’ this time because of the colors of that fruit. On the outside, it is a purple blue color, and on the inside, it’s a lighter pink and red.

This makeup tutorial, Blueberry Eyes, keeps that color scheme. You’ll learn what products you can use, and how to apply the makeup in such a way as to replicate the end product. Fancy, right?

This tutorial is also a good example of how you can get great looks with inexpensive makeup.

Read on to learn how to do the Blueberry Eyes look through this makeup tutorial.

You will likely be starting with a blank and unmakeup’d face, like so:

I really do look a lot better with makeup on. I guess that’s the reason why I’ve gotten so good at it.

Before you start adding eye shadow, you’ll need to get your face ready for makeup. Depending on your own needs, this may entail using some lotion, foundation, and powder. For a detailed look at this step, visit a previous post on the subject: Priming the Canvas: Getting Your Face Ready for Makeup.

Then, once you’re ready, it’s time to get all of your makeup together. This is what I used:

You can click on the image for a better view.

  1. Cupcake Cult Eye Primer
  2. Claire’s Eye Shadow Pallet
  3. L’Oreal Pencil Perfect Eyeliner in Black
  4. Mary Kay MK Signature Waterproof Mascara in Black
  5. Wet N Wild Wild Shine Lipstick in Jaded Shine #328A
  6. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Creme Femme

So we start with the primer:

Just like in a previous makeup tutorial, I used this Eye Primer, by Cupcake Cult, as a way to keep my shadow vibrant and saturated. Normally, when you don’t use a product like this, your eye shadow will be soft. I didn’t want a soft look this time.

After applying the primer over my entire lid with my fingers, I then put on some eye shadow:

This is the pallet that I used. It’s from Claire’s and it doesn’t have a special name or anything. Apparently, they don’t care if someone needs to refer to that pallet by name. I like this because it has a lot of pretty colors and it’s cheap. I got it for only $5.50.

As you can see, this comes with a sponge applicator. Mine is nice and clean because, well, I hate sponge applicators for eye shadow. I used an eye shadow brush instead.

I used another Claire’s pallet in a smoky eyes tutorial as well if you want to check that out.

As you can see in the picture above, I numbered the colors I used in chronological order. First, we start with the deep purple:

These colors are sort of a cross between a shimmer and an iridescent. When you’re out finding comparable colors, make sure they follow those guidelines.

I started with the deep purple at the outer corner of my eye, then worked it up and into my crease. You should get it just above your crease so that you can see it poking out above that line when your eyes are open. Don’t bring the color all the way to the other side of the lid, though. Halfway is fine.

Take the next color, a light blue, and apply it as shown in the picture. You should leave empty space near the inside corner of your eye for the third color.

The third and final color is an iridescent pinkish purple. Blend this in starting at the inside corner of the eye and work it into the first two colors. When you’re done blending, it should look like the picture above.

For a bit of extra pizzazz, I also took this pink color and lined underneath my lower lashes. You can see that in the next picture. It’s very subtle.

Next, apply the eyeliner. As I often do, I used the Loreal Pencil Perfect Eyeliner in Black. It really is my favorite. For this look, I lined both the top and bottom lid.

For the top, you should make the line thickest at the outer corner of your lid, and work it all the way to the inside corner, getting much thinner as you go. The lower lid should be lined on the inside, above the lashes. Bring this from the outer corner until about one centimeter before the inside corner.

Use mascara for both the top and bottom lashes. I used Mary Kay MK Signature Waterproof Mascara in Black.

For my lips, I felt like having a sparkly pink look:

I started with just a bit of Wet N Wild Wild Shine Lipstick in Jaded Shine #328A. I blotted a lot because I only wanted a hint of this ultra bright pink lipstick.

Then, I coated it with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Creme Femme. This is super sparkly. It also smells and tastes like caramel, so you really can’t beat that.

And, we’re done! Check out the after photos:

Pretty, right? It reminds me of blueberries in a way, which is why I called this look Blueberry Eyes.

I definitely didn’t mind walking around the mall with this look.

What do you think? Would you wear the Blueberry Eyes look?


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