An Outfit to Match: Watermelon Eyes

It’s time for another outfit to match. If you’re like me, you want your makeup to match your outfit. Here, I’ll show you a Polyvore outfit to match what I think looks great with one of my previous makeup tutorial looks.

So far, I’ve shone you what outfit to choose for Sunrise Eyes. Now onto the next look!

Watermelon Eyes is a great look for spring. It’s bright and crisp looking. Since the look is a spring thing, then so should be the outfit.

First, let’s refresh our memory of what Watermelon Eyes makeup looked like:

As you can see, it’s a nice pink and green number. So shall the outfit be:

Cute, huh? The argyle things on top are headbands. I chose the dress, cardigan and shoes to look sort of old fashioned. Hey, I like retro! Also, since it’s spring, there’s going to be a lot of rain, hence the umbrella.

You can find out more about the outfit by clicking on the image above. Here’s what I used in this outfit:

What do you think? Ready to wear this outfit with Watermelon Eyes makeup?


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  1. Cute outfit!

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