Tutorial Tuesday: Rainbow Eyes Makeup Tutorial

I don’t always like to play it safe. In fact, I like to go crazy sometimes. Many people would avoid the look I’m going to teach you today, but whatever. I think it’s cute!

I think about the fact that I have nearly every color in the rainbow when it comes to eye shadow, so why not have a look that is…well…a rainbow?

So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Be prepared for Rainbow Eyes! This is the most colorful makeup look I’ve ever done. And you’ll get to see how I did it here.

Buckle up, because this is going to be fun.

Before you do anything else, you should start with a completely empty, naked face, as shown:

Beautiful, right? So makeupless and pure. Let’s see how I clean up, shall we?

Before you break out the eye shadow, it’s time to get your face ready. This often involves foundation, powder and the like. If you want a good idea of the process, you can read up on it in a previous post: Priming the Canvas: Getting Your Face Ready for Makeup.

After that, you should gather up your supplies for the Rainbow Eyes makeup tutorial.

This is all that I used, numbered for your convenience. If you don’t have the exact product that I do, you should be able to achieve this look with something similar.

  1. Elite Pro Cosmetics 88 Eye Shadow Pallet
  2. Revlon Diamond Lust in Champagne Buzz
  3. Jordana Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil in Bliss
  4. Cover Girl CG Eyeslicks in Glistening Gold
  5. Mary Kay MK Signature Waterproof Mascara in Black
  6. L’Oreal HiP Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Dreamer

Now that you have all of that settled, you should start with your eye shadow. Since I’m using such a huge pallet, I took pictures of each color and made an easy to understand chart:


These shadows are all from the Elite Pro Cosmetics 88 Eye Shadow Pallet. I used the classic Roy G Biv rainbow colors technique here, minus a step (Indigo). Except I’m doing it backward. You’ll understand in the next step. These are the colors in order:

  1. Violet
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange
  6. Red

So, I started with violet at the outer corner of my eye. Here’s the rainbow progression:


It makes so much sense when you see it all in line like that. As you can see, I started at the outer corner and worked my way in. When you’re applying the eye shadow, make sure that you’re blending it in with the previous color as well, although not too much as we want the color progression to be obvious.

I used an eye shadow brush, like always.

Although I have the full rainbow now, I’m not done with eye shadow, I have one more step.

I used Revlon Diamond Lust in Champagne Buzz, a bright, shimmery shadow, and covered my whole lid. This softens the look. This way, I don’t look like I just stepped out of a nightclub. It is the middle of the day after all.

Now that you’re done with shadow, it’s on to eyeliner.

The first eyeliner I’m using is a bright blue eyeliner, Jordana Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil in Bliss. This was really inexpensive at the drugstore.  The blue is supposed to signify the sky surrounding a rainbow, but it really is just used because it’s pretty.

But we’re not done.

I then used a fat, yellow liner on the bottom lid. I used Cover Girl CG Eyeslicks in Glistening Gold both above and below the lower lashes. It really brightens up the eye and the whole look in general.

No black eyeliner today!

For a finishing touch to the eyes, mascara is necessary. I used Mary Kay MK Signature Waterproof Mascara in Black on both the top and bottom lashes.

(For some reason I can never get the color in my lips pictures to match the eyes. Grrr.)

I got some new lip gloss yesterday that I had to try. So, today I used L’Oreal HiP Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Dreamer on my lips. It’s pretty nice. Perhaps I’ll do a review soon.

We’re done! Rainbows aplenty with this makeup tutorial. Check out the after photos:

Pretty right? I showed my mom and she said that while I was masterful in my execution (I’m paraphrasing here) she would never wear it. I guess having rainbow makeup isn’t for everyone. It is for me, though.

How do you like Rainbow Eyes? Is it too bold for you, or just right? Now bold enough?


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  1. i just found your website and really love these makeup tutorials! you are very beautiful and keep up the good work =)

  2. Thanks ladies! This has got to be one of my favorite tutorials I’ve done so far. If I could, I’d wear Rainbow Eyes every day!

  3. I love it!! Gorgeous…can’t wait to try it. And I love the palette.

  4. I do my own version of this, I use brighter colours and instead of fitting all the colours on the eyelid I do a purple wing. 😀 And I use some glitter eyeliner too. Yours looks totally amazing though!

  5. Gah!!! I love it! I actually do this all the time too except with fewer brighter colors. :)). I love knowing that I’m not the only colorful one left…here’s a picture of how I do mine. :))


    • Thanks, Madi! I’m glad you like it. It’s definitely true that not a lot of people do the super colorful stuff. I’m glad you do, too.

      I clicked on the link and it said i didn’t have permission. I think I have to be your facebook friend to see it. 🙁

  6. wow! just found this its gorgeous, great job!

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