My First MAC Cosmetics Stash

I finally got my first MAC Cosmetics stash.  First stash.  I did have one item from MAC, but that doesn’t really count as a stash, now does it?

After purchasing a wealth of products during last week’s MAC sale, I finally got my makeup yesterday.  I waited all day long and UPS finally showed up at 7PM.  That’s pretty late!

But I finally got it and am oh-so-excited.  I thought I would take a picture for everyone and tell you what I got.  Here it is:

Ta-da!  As you can see, I went a bit crazy with the eye shadows.  Here’s what I got:

  1. MAC Lustreglass in Ornamental
  2. MAC Eye Shadow in Orange
  3. MAC Eye Shadow in Newly Minted
  4. MAC Eye Shadow in Shadowy Lady
  5. MAC Eye Shadow in Chrome Yellow
  6. MAC Eye Shadow in Submarine
  7. MAC Eye Shadow in Passionate
  8. MAC Eye Shadow in Post Haste

As you can see, I kind of went with the whole, brightly colored rainbow.  So far, I’m impressed, although I haven’t tried much out yet.  I can tell you that the Lustreglass lip gloss is the best looking gloss I’ve ever worn.

All the eye shadows I got were matte, except for Submarine, which was a frost.

I think next time I get some eye shadow from MAC, I’ll get more nuance’d colors.  For now, though, I needed the staples.

The rest of my week will be devoted to experimentation, and then I will do next week’s Tutorial Tuesday using this makeup (not all of it at once, of course.)  I’ve already got some cute ideas.

Did you go crazy for the sale like I did?  What did you get?  I’d be thrilled to hear!


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  1. I didn’t get anything during the sale (THE HORROR!), but I do love your new collection! I think I need newly minted, for sure…

  2. Nice haul! Can’t wait for the tutorial

  3. Thanks, gals!
    The tutorial will be up on the site tomorrow. I used Submarine, Newly Minted and Chrome Yellow. Don’t forget to check it out!

  4. I use MAC exclusively. Base (foundation, powder, etc), colors, finishing, tools… and I LOVE everything I’ve ever gotten from there. The eyeshadows and brushes are definitely my favs! And the artists at the MAC counter love to try products on me; they always say “your face takes makeup so well!”

  5. That’s awesome, -S-! I bet you have a really great stash. Must cost a lot of money though. Worth it!

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