Ways to Rock Red Nail Polish!

As we discussed a few days ago, red makeup (whether it’s lipstick, eye shadow, or polish) represents certain things, such as fire, danger, love and sex.  Above anything else though, red = bravery!

If you’re thinking about red nail polish and you’re not sure how to pull it off, here are some super cute ideas that will surely beat those fears.

Try one, try all, or use these as inspiration and make up your own.  Whatever you do, get brave!  Wear red nail polish!

Trisha commands you.  🙂

  • Paint just your toe nails! This way, you can rock the polish without overdoing the idea.  If you’re not brave enough to keep it on your fingernails, your feet can still be brave.
  • Alternate polishes! This is something I used to do a lot of in high school, but it still applies today.  Paint every other fingernail red, and then do the alternating nails in a different color.  Fuchsia would be nice!
  • Lady bug nails! For something cute today, paint your nails red.  Once they are dry, apply dots of black nail polish over the red.  This’ll make it look like you’ve got lady bugs on those suckers.
  • Sparkle it up! If you’re worried about the impression you’ll give when you have red nail polish, you might want to lessen that hard edge by putting a coat of sparkle polish over it.  This also adds a cute little look to your hands as well.
  • Go for the gusto! You could always just rock the red polish in a classic way.  Get some of the deepest, bloodiest looking red polish and have at it.  You’ll no doubt feel pretty great when you’re done.

That ought to do it!  Now you can rock red nails in ways you may have never even known about.

You don’t have to go all out.  You can be simple, discreet, adorable, whatever you like.


Photo credit: bessicajach

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  1. Oh my god! I love those nails! Who’s are they, are they yours (to author)?

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  3. thanks for using my photo!

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