An Outfit to Match: Glacial Dust

I didn’t forget about the Outfit to Match series!  See!  Here’s a new one!

Today, we’re going to match the Glacial Dust makeup look from one of my previous makeup tutorials.  This look utilized green and blue to make a shimmery masterpiece.  Check it out:

As you can see, this uses these colors to make almost a metallic look.  This is great for the summer when you want to look totally glam, yet appropriate for the weather.

Keeping all of this in mind, I constructed an outfit that I think works best for this look.:

Nice, huh?  It’s a super casual, yet utterly adorable look.  I chose capri jeans because they’re both relaxed and sexy (showing just a bit of leg).  I kept the color theme around similar greens and blues.  And check out those rad aviator glasses!

I have to be honest.  I would wear this outfit in a second.  I think it’s SO adorable.

Here’s each piece of the outfit (which you can also see if you click on the image):

Hopefully, this will give you inspiration for your next outfit.  I know it did for me!

If you were going to wear the Glacial Dust makeup look, what would you have worn?


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