Daily Lipstick Look – Wednesday 9-3-08

Wow, it’s September 3rd already, and the fourth day of Lipstick Week.  Time is going be so fast!  I feel like 2008 just started.  Now it’s 2/3 over.

I call today’s look, ‘Didn’t Want to Bother and Would Rather be Sleeping.’  Honestly, I didn’t want to do anything.  I did manage to throw on some lipstick, though.

Have a look:

I’m not wearing any eye makeup.  No eyeliner or mascara.  Heck, I’m not even wearing any foundation or powder!

I am wearing lipstick, though.  This is Lipstick Week after all.

Super Makeup Trick:  If you plan to forgo any eye makeup, you can still look glam by wearing some lipstick.  Swipe on some color and your instantly pretty.

And that’s what I did.  Check out a close-up view:

I used:

  • Luzier Lipstick in Chilled Burgundy $7.00 (or 2 for $12.00)

This lipstick is, well, burgundy colored.  It also has a very light sheen and shimmer to it.  It’s almost unnoticable.

Now that I have this lipstick on, I look less like I rolled right out of bed.  🙂


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