Daily Lipstick Look – Saturday 9-6-08

Today’s the last day of Lipstick Week.  This has been pretty fun!  Forcing myself to wear lipstick was a good idea.

As I mentioned last week, purple is the ‘it’ color of the season.  So, today’s look uses purple.  In the eyes, anyway.

Take a gander, pretties:

I look kind of taken off guard, but whatever.

My eyes have nice purple eye shadows, and my lips are pink.  A nice combination, if I do say so myself.

And of course, I’m now super trendy, as far as the purple goes.

Here’s a close-up of those pretty pink lips:

Yeah, it looks kind of messed up. That’s okay.  It’s all about experimentation, anyway!

I used:

I’ve worn Luzier lipstick before, and it’s worked great.  Not so, this time.  It went on kind of chunky.  Granted, I’m using a sample, but still.

To fix up the odd lipstick application, I threw on some lip gloss.  That helped a lot.

I love the weekend.  I don’t have to do nothin’!

Weekends are the time I can get a lot of reading done.  I’m a huge reader.  I’ve read over 20 novels so far this year, and 10 to 15 non fiction books.  Whew!

There’s this website, Shelfari, that is all about books.  You can catalog your library and make a virtual bookshelf.  I am thoroughly addicted.  You can put the books on shelves based on if you’ve read it, are reading it, or are planning to read it.

They also have groups, too.  You could join a virtual book club.

You should totally join and be Shelfari friends with me!  You can find me if you click this link.

Have a good weekend, everyone!  I know I will.


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