Tips for Buying Eyebrow Tweezers

Eyebrow tweezing, or plucking, is the most popular form of eyebrow grooming.

This is especially the case if you plan on doing it yourself.  While eyebrow waxing and threading are gaining popularity, they’re better left to professionals.  If you want to take care of eyebrow grooming and shaping yourself, tweezing is where it’s at.

But some tweezers are terrible when compared to others.  There are certain factors that you should take into account before you make the purchase,

Price Matters

With some beauty products, you can afford to get the cheap variety.  That’s not the case with eyebrow tweezers.

I once bought the cheapest drug store eyebrow tweezers.  Know what happened?  When I went to grab onto an eyebrow hair, the tweezers bent.  No kidding!

Think of buying a nice pair of tweezers as an investment.  If you spend a bit more, you won’t have to replace them nearly as quick.  They’ll also do a better job at eyebrow grooming.

Look to spend at least $10.00 for a good pair.

When in Doubt, Read Reviews

Since even expensive tweezers can be sketchy, you should read reviews before making a big purchase.

  • To find reviews in Google: type in “(product name) review”.  Include the quotes in the search field to eliminate a lot of junk.
  • To find reviews on Amazon: Find the product page for the eyebrow tweezers you want on Amazon’s homepage.  Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and have a look at the reviews.  You will also see an average star rating.

Extra Things to Consider

Some tweezers look and feel different than others.  They may have a comfort grip or have a differently angled tip.

Comfort grips are great because the infinitesimal maneuvers you’re doing with your hands can really hurt after a while.  You may want to look for this variety when shopping for eyebrow grooming tools.

There are many different kinds of tweezer tips.  The main variety is an angled tip, but there’s more to choose from.  You could have pointed tweezers for more control, or flat tweezer tips when you want to just grab and yank everything you see.

When browsing for tweezers, keep these options in mind.

Some of the Best Around

Here are some of the most highly rated eyebrow tweezers:

Learn More About Eyebrow Grooming and Tweezing

If you want a play by play in how to tweeze your eyebrows, check out The Complete Eyebrow Guide.  It has everything, including eyebrow trends, finding the perfect eyebrow shape, and more.


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