How is the Economy Affecting Your Makeup Purchases?

The American economy has really been an issue lately.  It seems to be affecting everyone, including me.

Honestly, I haven’t bought much lately, save for a tub of Vaseline (yes, that’s a beauty purchase.)  Last spring, I was buying all sorts of makeup.  That’s when I got my first MAC stash.  Now, with money the way it is, I haven’t been able to spend.

Yeah, makeup isn’t everything.  Sometimes though, you need to make regular purchases in order to feel normal again.

So, I ask you…

How is the economy affecting your makeup purchases?

Are you cutting back?  What have you had to sacrifice?

If you live outside of the US, has our crappy economy affected yours?

Tell us what you think!


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  1. I HAVE actually been very conservative with my beauty budget lately, but I suspect this has more to do with an impending holday.. 😀

    x Miss Corrine x´s last blog post… End-Of-Relationship Blues (How To Deal With A Break-Up) ♥

  2. I actually feel really bad because I feel like I spend more than I should. I feel like I’m really lucky because I can afford to spend in a time like this.

    roxy´s last blog post… Manish Arora Swatches!

  3. Corrine: I hear the economy is pretty bad in Australia, too. Sheesh! What’s going on in this world?

    Roxy: Aww, don’t feel guilty. Although, I can relate a bit. I’ve been saving up to buy a certain thing for quite some time, but I still feel weird about buying it. If you can afford it, though, go for it. Sometimes we need to go about life like nothing is wrong in order to feel okay about things. ya know?

  4. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog, and I like it!

    Yeah, the economy is going downhill in Australia. The AUD is getting weaker by the day. I’ve definitely put a stop on my makeup purchases. Better to save the $$ for a rainy day 🙂

    Tine´s last blog post… Some Breast Cancer Facts and Figures

  5. It’s so weird. As Americans (and especially the case with the media) we only really care about what’s going on with us. I didn’t find out that Australia’s going through a similar money crisis until I saw it on some blog on the internet!

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