What I Learned this Week 11-08-08

I’m a sucker for goal management.  I’m one of those self-help people.  Have a book that tells me how to live out my dreams?  Good, I want it.

I’ve read many times that it helps to reflect back on the day/week/month that you had and think about the things that you learned.

They could be something about your soul, your goals, your life, your friends or family, or even simple trivial things.

We all need to reflect.  All of us.  So I’m going to take the first step and reflect on the things I learned each week.  This’ll happen on Saturdays, usually.

I implore you to join in.  In the comments, on your own blog, in your diary, whatever.  It’ll help you.  I swear.

What I learned this week:

  • A change in scenery can affect your skin.  I’m from nice, humid Minnesota, but I’ve been living in dry Montana for a little over a year now.  Holy cow, it’s had an affect on my skin.  My face is so dry and feels terrible.  Moisturizer that used to work just fine in Minnesota doesn’t seem to work at all here.
  • The word “fey” means fated, bewitched or magical.  My mom and I have been playing Boggle like crazy for months.  You can learn a lot of cool words, especially when someone likes to make a bunch of them up.
  • Barack Obama is the new president! This was the second presidential election I could vote in and this is the first time that the person I voted for actually won.
  • You can find something you have in common with everyone.  Is there someone in your life that you don’t particularly like, like a friend’s new boyfriend?  Yeah, I’m sure there’s something you have in common with him.  Find it and you’ll get along with him a lot better.
  • If you want to change, do one thing at a time.  Don’t try to change a few things at once or you’ll have a higher chance of failure.  Take me for example.  Instead of trying to get myself to eat right and exercise, I only focused on eating right.  I’ve lost around 15 pounds and have kept up with it for almost two months.  Now I can start thinking about exercise, since eating right has become a habit.

What have you learned this week?  Did you have any big revelations, or just some tiny thoughts?  Tell us about it!


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