5 Extravagant Beauty Gifts Over $50

A few days ago, I showed you 5 beauty gifts under $15.  It IS the holiday season after all.

But, what if you aren’t trying to save money this season?  What if you have a bunch of money to burn?  And you want to spend it on your friends who like beauty and makeup stuff?

Fear not.  I have the solution.  Here are 5 extravagant beauty and makeup gifts over $50:

  1. Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch by Estee Lauder, $100.00

    For the ladies on your list that have wizened with age, try the Estee Lauder Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch.  This package comes with 8 patches for 4 separate treatments.  Keep the patches over the eyes for 20 minutes and you’ll see a drastic reduction in deep wrinkles.
  2. Cellular Luxe Lip Color by La Prairie, $55.00
    Lip stick with Caviar in it?  Sure, why not?  La Prairie is famous for using caviar (fish eggs) extract into their beauty and cosmetics line.  It’s even in this lipstick.  Although, you have to admit, it comes in some beautiful colors!
  3. Organic Creative Eye Color System by Nvey Eco, $61.00
    There are two reasons that this compact is so good.  1. It’s organic! 2. It has great colors!  After all, plum is in right now. And so is organic food and products.  Besides this lovely plum pallet (codename: 4), they have many other themed pallets for you to choose from.
  4. Master Brush Set by Laura Mercier, $250.00
    Now this is truly extravagant.  This brush set contains 8 makeup brushes and a faux lizard zippered case.  The Laura Mercier brush set consists of an angled eye colour, camouflage powder, cheek colour, eye color, flat eye liner, powder, secret camouflage and smudge brushes.  Believe me, you see a drastic difference when you use a really nice makeup brush.
  5. Juicy Loves Sephora Hard Train Case, $348.00
    Juicy Couture teams up with makeup-seller Sephora to bring you this beautiful train case.  The big plight for makeup lovers is storage.  If you get your friend this lovely case, full of many drawers and pockets for all of her products, she’ll be travelling in style.  Now her makeup storage problems will be solved!

Woo!  Of everything that I listed, I so want that Juicy Loves Sephora Train Case.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I better start saving up!

Heard of any other extravagant beauty products?  Let me know in the comments!


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  1. These are some great gifts for those who have the cash to buy them. My favorite has to be the Juicy Couture makeup bag… That’s a really good idea to keep small children out of your makeup!

    Sarah´s last blog post… The Procyanidins of Red Wine and Their Anti-Aging Effect

  2. Sarah: Good point. I know that if I had kids, I definitely wouldn’t want them monkeying around in my makeup.

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