5 Ways to Look More Beautiful Without Makeup

Yes, makeup is used to make you look better than your natural self. It highlights the best parts of you while hiding (hopefully) your imperfections.

While that’s all well and good, sometimes we want to look great without makeup. There are ways that you can look better in general.

Here are some ways that you can look even more beautiful, naturally.

  1. Drink that water! Even if it’s tea or soda, you need to keep hydrated. Make sure you drink some kind of liquid (although tea and plain ol’ water is best) throughout the day, every day. You’re skin will look better and it will give you a healthy glow.
  2. Smile! Smiling can go a long way to improving the way you look. And make sure it’s genuine! People can spot a fake smile from a mile away.
  3. Keep those eyebrows shapely and groomed! The shape of your eyebrows has a big affect on how your face looks.  It’s all about the eyebrows!
  4. Accessorize! If you’re too tired/lazy/busy to put on some makeup, at least throw on some nice earrings or a pretty necklace. It’ll polish up your look.
  5. Wear a cute up ‘do! Just because you’re avoiding makeup doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair in some cute way. French braid? Pig tails? Check out these vintage hairstyles for some inspiration.

Have any extra advice for beauty-without-makeup? Have a trick you don’t mind sharing? Let us know in the comments.


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  5. These are such good tips! I’ll try them =)

  6. I thought this was so helpful I know what to look out for when I’m looking for sexy girls

  7. What if u have no eyebrows? How can u look beautiful:(

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