How to Use the Barry M Glitter Eye Candy Kit

Ahh, glitter. It reminds me of high school. I used to wear glitter eye makeup almost every day.

As we get older, glitter should be used only on limited, special occasions. For example, a night out with the girls, clubbing, or a concert.

One complaint that every girl has about loose glitter: it’s hard to control. Luckily, Barry M has a new glitter kit that’ can handle the problem. Called the Glitter Eye Candy Kit, this set will give you way more control of your glitter makeup.

The kit comes with…

  • Loose Eye Glitter (comes in 8 colors)
  • Fixing Gel
  • Glitter Brush

What do you do? Using the Glitter Eye Candy Kit is pretty easy. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the Fixing Gel

The best part of the glitter makeup kit is the fixing gel. It helps you control exactly how your glitter will look on your skin.

This is better than using glitter gel because you dictate how the glitter looks before it ever touches your skin.

Apply the Fixing Gel directly to your skin wherever you want the glitter. The gel goes on clear with a soft-tipped wand, much like lip gloss.

In the picture above, I used the gel to make a spiral pattern on my hand (hard to tell since it’s clear). You can use this to line your eyes or any other part of your face or body.

Make sure your design is just right before going to the next step.

Step 2: Apply the Glitter

You’ll want to apply the glitter before the fixing gel dries. It helps to have the glitter open and ready.

The glitter is loose. It wants to go everywhere, so be careful when you use it. As you can see in the picture below, I spilled a little bit of it myself.

Dip the provided brush into the glitter pot and dab it onto your skin where you put the gel. The glitter should stick to this spot.

Step 3: Clean Up

When you dab the glitter on your skin, it will go outside the boundaries of your design. Luckily it can come off easily from areas that didn’t have Fixing Gel.

Using a cotton swab, clean up the edges of your design. This will pick up any loose glitter.

When you’re done, you should end up with a unique design. With the fixing gel, your glitter makeup look should last through a long night of dancing.

You can pick up the Barry M Glitter Eye Candy Kit online for £12.00 (yes, they ship to the United States).


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