How to Use Colored Mascara

Most of us can’t have a finished look without mascara, me included. Most of the time, this consists of black or brown mascara. It’s something to add volume but doesn’t add much by way of color.

Then there’s colored mascara. I’m sure you’ve seen them amidst the traditional mascaras you eventually choose. They’re green, blue, or even red and pink.

But how do you use these colored mascaras? Is it only for gaudy club looks?

For the purposes of this how-to, I’m using Barry M Bright Turquoise Lengthening Mascara (pictured on the right). You can find it online for £4.95.

The Bold Look

Have some colored mascara? Then go all out! Use it on the top and bottom lid.

Just keep in mind that this look doesn’t work well for most situations. Instead of someone looking at you and thinking, “oh, she’s beautiful,” they’ll probably think, “‘oh, her eyelashes are blue.”

Also keep in mind that colored mascaras don’t usually add much volume. You won’t get the same voluminous effect you’re used to getting with black mascara.

You might want to try something less pronounced…

The Half and Half

A nice way to add a little pizazz to your look is to use traditional mascara on your top lashes and colored mascara on your bottom lashes.

It’s hard to notice the blue from far away, so it’s a nice surprise for people who get close to you. (Dinner date, anyone?)

This is my favorite way to use colored mascara because it can go with a lot of different looks. Some people may even be able to pull this off at work.

Does this seem like too much for you, though? After all, it still stands out. How about this…

The Subtle Approach

If you’re still not satisfied, here’s a tip. Coat your top and bottom lashes with your favorite black or brown mascara. Once it’s relatively dry, coat just the tips (about 3 mm) with colored mascara. This is barely noticeable and can be darn cute.

You could even do the tips of just the top or just the bottom lashes. That’s about as subtle as you can get.

More Colored Mascara Tips

  • Choose a color that complements your overall look. If you have a pink eye shadow look, go for a colored mascara in pink’s complementary color: green.
  • Leave time in your routine for changes. If you’re a first time user of colored mascara, or you’re trying a different technique, you may end up not liking it. That’s okay. If you have the extra time, you can just start over.
  • Be brave and try new things. It’s true, most people don’t wear colorful mascara. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. So go for it. If you never tried anything new, life would be pretty darn boring.

Have you used colorful mascara? If you have any tips, let us know in the comments section!


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