Beauty Review: Degree Fine Fragrance Collection Deodorant and Body Mist

I have a tiny confession. For some reason, my deodorant hasn’t been working well enough lately. I don’t know why. It’s like my body got immune to it or something.

So I was happy to try the Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection, mainly for the deodorant. What’s different about this collection is the scent is created by fragrance wiz Ann Gottlieb, who has created fancy perfumes for Estee Lauder for years.

The Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection consists of three fragrances that come in both deodorant and body mist. I got to try both in the Sexy Intrigue fragrance. It also comes in the Delicious Bliss and Classic Romance scents.

See how it stacked up…

How is it for sensitive skin or those allergic to fine scents?

I was a little leery trying this. Wanna know why? I’m allergic to most fragrance. It’s true. This includes fragrance in body lotion and soap. I break out and get hives on my face, regardless of whether it was put there. It’s rare that I can actually use something that is touted as a perfume (Designer Imposters is an exception, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I own several).

So I thought, “Why not at least give it a shot?” After all, there are some fragrances I can wear.

Luckily for me, I didn’t break out. In fact, I used three whole sprays worth of the body mist and I still didn’t break out. Yay!

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, I suggest you use the spray-and-walk method:

  1. Spray one pump of the Degree body mist into the air in front of you.
  2. Walk through the cloud.
  3. Enjoy a subtle scent that wasn’t added directly to your skin.

How does it smell?

That’s the most important thing, right? Especially when it comes to a product that hypes the ‘fine fragrance’ scent.

First, the deodorant and body spray smell basically the same. The only difference is that the deodorant smells a bit subtler and has an undertone of baby powder.

In terms of the actual scent, Sexy Intrigue, it smells a bit like lilacs, roses, and vanilla, all with a very perfume-like rubbing alcohol undertone. It’s warm and just a little spicy.

I liked it. While it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea (i.e. a bit too ‘perfume-y’) I know I’ll use it again. Especially the deodorant.

How well does it work?

Remember my problem? I was in dire need of a deodorant that worked. Well, I don’t need to look anymore. With the deodorant that comes in the Degree Fine Fragrance Collection, I didn’t seem to sweat a drop, and I smelled great all day.

Yes! I don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Then there’s the body mist. I’d say the scent wears off after about half a day depending on how active you are. I could still smell it if I put my nose right up to my clothes, bur not so much otherwise.

The Final Verdict

Do I like fine fragrances? I’m starting to think that I don’t. They all have that sort of alcohol smelling quality to them. That part of the Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection was pretty subtle, so I enjoyed it better than I might have. The deodorant is my new favorite, but the body mist wasn’t as much of a hit. It started out strong and wore off before the day was half done. But hey! I didn’t break out! Taking all this into consideration, I give the collection a:


You can pick up the Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection in drug stores and mass market retailers for $3.99 for the deodorant and $3.99 for the body mist.


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  1. I can’t stand strong scents from perfumes, either for men or for women. I think I may be allergic to them too. I love mild and subtle perfumes. They are great for daily wear and my body doesn’t react to its scent.

  2. I use degree deodorant and it has a nice scent,you may not need a perfume once you have this.Try it out,you will not regret.Thanks for the blog.

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