Current Beauty Trend: Gold

No, I don’t mean gold jewelry. Or the color gold. I mean actual gold, the metal.

There have been a swarm of beauty products on the market lately containing gold.

For instance, Avon has a new moisturizer called ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Gold Emulsion that contains real Gold Peptide Complex. It’s supposed to make your skin feel soft and look brighter and younger.

Stila Cosmetics has a whole new collection called Indian Summer that contains real 24 karat gold. It consists of tinted moisturizer, smudge pots, lip and cheek stain, mascara and more.

The Good Things About Gold

Using gold makeup isn’t just a way for us to feel extravagant (although that’s certainly nice.) Here are some other reasons to use gold-infused beauty products:

  • Gold colored eye makeup works for all seasons.
  • Flecks of gold in face lotion add a subtle, warm glow that makes you look healthy and happy.
  • Gold is an anti-oxidant and an anti-microbial.
  • It makes you feel special. Come on. Admit it.

Not only is gold in, but so is the color itself. Rock that gold makeup!


Photo credit: Brian Giesen

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  1. I admit that a dash of gold will get you closer to feeling more royal!

  2. Very true! I know I feel pretty classy when I go gold.

  3. well gold make up for me is like that i am in the spotlight always.

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