Makeup Review: RAW Minerals Discovery Kit


Have you tried mineral makeup? Any time of day you’ll find infomercials touting the positive affects of foundation and powders made of pure minerals.

Up until now, I’ve only tried mineral makeup put out by drug store brands. I wasn’t impressed.

Then I got a chance to try the RAW Minerals Discovery Kit.

It gives you everything you need for full face makeup, including the brushes.

What comes with the kit?

Supposedly, everything in the RAW Minerals kit should help you with foundation, concealer, blush and sun protection. You receive:

  • RAW02 Two shades of Mineral Foundation that you mix to find your perfect shade (good for when you have a tan in the summer). In my case, it was Medium 3 and Light 1.
  • Mineral Glow all over color, used best as a blush or a bronzer. I received Warm Glow.
  • Active Veil Suncreen SPF 18, a mineral powder sunscreen that also acts as a translucent powder.
  • A set of three brushes. A maximum coverage foundation brush, a concealer brush, and retractable brush for applying the Mineral Glow and Active Veil.
  • Getting Started DVD to teach you how to apply everything. Watch this! If I hadn’t, I would have done it all wrong and it probably would have gotten a terrible review.
  • Informational Packet.


How does it work?

Each of the four different tubs of makeup has a compartment where the powder is stored covered by a sifter. You sift a little bit of the powder into the cap, add a bit to a brush and tap off the excess. Then apply it to your skin.

Yeah, it’s that simple.

You combine the two shades of foundation to find your perfect color. For me, I needed an equal amount of the two shades. After applying that to your whole face, then you use the mineral glow. I used that mostly on my cheeks and temples. Then the active veil is applied overall.

A little bit goes a long way with this. Just a tiny bit of any of the makeup will do it’s job well.

I did have one problem with how it works, though. With most powders that come with a sifter, if you sift out too much you can tap it to have the leftovers fall back through the sifter. That’s not the case with this. Instead, any that comes out of the sifter, stays out. So be careful when turning the whole tub of makeup upside down.

Also, since you’re supposed to tap the makeup into the cap before using it, the makeup gets stuck in the threading of the cap. Check out this picture, which illustrates the problem well:

RAW04 Messy!

How does it look?

This is my favorite part of the RAW Minerals Discovery Kit. Even though it’s a bit messy, it looks awesome once applied. Here’s a before and after (click on the picture to see a closeup):

RAWBandA The thing is: you can’t tell I’m wearing makeup. I love that. Most face makeup is so obvious. Instead, RAW Minerals just makes my skin look loads better and more even.

I had a lot of compliments on days I was wearing RAW Minerals. For instance, one day my mom said:

Wow! Your skin looks great today.

I said, “Thanks! You know I’m wearing makeup?” She said,

Really? Because I was just going to say that it looked like you weren’t.

Now that’s the kind of reaction I want from foundation.

Even after a full day wearing this makeup, my skin still looked great. Unlike some mineral makeup, it didn’t cake up around my nose or look powdery.

The Final Verdict

Frankly, I’m incredibly impressed with RAW Minerals. I’ve always been skeptical of mineral makeup. Could it really be that much better than regular foundation or powder? Now I know the answer. I feel weird praising this because I don’t want people to think I’ve been paid to say it’s good. I haven’t! I just really like it. Since the messiness of application is a bad thing, it’s affected the grade. With that, the RAW Minerals Discovery Kit gets an:


You can pick up the Discovery Kit online. It normally retails for $180, but you can get it for half off with the DISCOVERY50 coupon code.


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