Beauty Review: Reese Witherspoon In Bloom Shower Gel


As my regular readers will remember, I have a bad reaction to most fragrances. My face will break out and get itchy, and I may even get a headache.

Still, there are some fragrances that I can wear without having an adverse reaction. Because of this, I like to try stuff to see if it will go well, and I relay that message to all of you who have similar sensitive skin.

That’s why I tried the new fragrance by Reese Witherspoon called In Bloom. I tested it in the shower gel formula since that would have the smallest chance of making me break out.

Check out this video to hear  about the fragrance directly from Reese Witherspoon.

How does it smell?

It really boils down to scent for most people, especially since In Bloom is a high quality fragrance. Now, I’m not a fragrance expert. I don’t know anything about ‘notes’. The brand has this to say about it:

Top Notes:
Georgia Peach Tea Leaves, Crisp Greens
Heart Notes:
Star Gardenia, Magical Magnolia, Night Blossoming Jasmine
Base Notes:
Cashmere Woods, Hypnotic Florals, Amber Wood Crystals

To me, it smells tart, sort of like freshly cut leaves and a whole host of pretty flowers.

Did I like it? YES.

Normally, when I get a fancy shower gel like this, I only use it on special occasions and stick to the cheap stuff the rest of the time. With In Bloom, I just couldn’t follow that rule. I have used it with every shower since I got it.

The scent lasts all day and seems to smell even better as time goes on.

How is it for sensitive skin?

Good news: I didn’t have a bad reaction. Now, this was for the shower gel and not the actual bottle of fragrance. I can’t say for sure, but I think I might have had a bad reaction with the traditional bottle of perfume.

Still, this made me smell good and didn’t make my face break out in itchy welts. This bodes well for other people with similarly sensitive skin.

How was the packaging?

The design of the packaging is, well, boring. They picked a color that reminded me of something my grandma might have used back in the 1970s.

Also, the very first time I opened the cap, the hinge snapped. I’m not a very strong girl, so I highly doubt that it was force that could have broken the hinge.

How well does it clean?

This is a shower gel after all! When coupled with a pouf, In Bloom cleaned me well. It didn’t seem at all special in its cleaning power though, and there are shower gels out there that do a better job. Still, it was just fine.

The Final Verdict

Although there are aspects of this product that aren’t at all spectacular, including the antique-looking packaging and the average cleaning power, the real purpose is the scent. And, believe me, I LOVE the scent. Also, it get’s extra points for working with my sensitive skin. Taking all of this into consideration, Reese Witherspoon’s In Bloom Shower Gel gets an…


You can pick up In Bloom Shower Gel online separately at Amazon or through a gift set from Avon with the suggested retail price of $15 for 7 oz. Also consider the perfume, body mist and body lotion versions of In Bloom.


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  1. I haven’t seen this product in advertisements. With your rate of B+, I’ll probably give it a try. I hope it comes in tester sizes. I also have sensitive skin and I usually get allergic reactions. I hope I’ll have the same results as you did. Thanks for your posts!

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