Tips for Applying Mascara on Blond Lashes

When you have dark colored eyelashes, you can throw on a layer of mascara without worrying about how it looks. The natural darkness in your lashes will blend with the mascara color so any faults are hard to see.

That’s not the case for those with blond or lightly colored lashes. This is most common in people with red or very light blond hair. When you take little care in applying your mascara, it will look messy and may even look as though your lashes are floating a few millimeters away from your eyelid.

Next time you’re set on applying mascara on your blond eyelashes, follow these steps to ensure your makeup look is fantastic.

Choosing the Right Mascara

For best results, pick a mascara with short bristles. Most mascaras these days have wide wands with long bristles. While this may work for dark-lashed lasses, those with blond lashes should avoid them. For instance, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara has short bristles perfect for this occasion.

If you have a choice between thick or thin mascara, always reach for the thin, light brand. Globs of mascara are way more noticeable on light lashes than dark.

Try Brown Mascara Rather Than Black

Those with lighter lashes should reach for brown mascara instead of black for two reasons:

  1. Black mascara makes it easier to notice mistakes. If you’re new to applying mascara or you can’t get the hang of applying from root to tip, pick brown mascara instead.
  2. Brown mascara matches hair and skin tone better. If you have light eyelashes, you likely have a fair complexion. Brown mascara will match your hair, eyebrows, and skin type well. Black can often look too harsh on those with red or light blond hair.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. If you’re adept at apply mascara and want a bold look, black shades may be fine. For day looks at the office though, brown is the mascara color of choice.

And if you truly want a natural, classic look, go for clear mascara instead. It will smooth out each strand while emphasizing your natural lash color.

Apply Mascara from Root to Tip

Since blond lashes are almost clear, it’s important to apply your mascara right to the very base of each lash.

When applying the mascara, start at the root and shake the wand gently left and right to ensure each lash gets coated in color.  Bring the wand forward along the length of the eyelashes. Reapply as necessary to cover the entirety of each lash.


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  1. Are there different shades of brown mascara? I know there are different ones of black which I always found odd.

    • There should be many shades of brown mascara, and unfortunately there is usually only one – dark brown. I would love a nice taupe mascara to go with my natural platinum blonde hair and lashes. I wish the cosmetic companies would provide more options. That goes for eyebrow pencils too.

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