An Outfit to Match: Soft Rust

I like to make sample outfits of the makeup tutorials I’ve done in the past. After all, my lovely readers may not know what to wear with one of my looks. You want to match your makeup, right?

Today, I’m making an outfit to match the subtle, rusty smoke look from the Soft Rust makeup tutorial. Here’s a reminder of how it looked:

It’s shimmery and uses red and rusty pink and yellow colors. At first glance, you may expect that I was going to choose some jewel-ridden look full of girly frills. While that may be my usual M.O., that’s not what it is today.

Instead, we’re going casual:

Check out the Glee t-shirt! If you haven’t seen Glee yet, what’s wrong with you? It’s a great show! Watch it, I swear. They’re coming back in to the middle of the first season in April, so you have time to get caught up.

Now back to the outfit.

I picture wearing this as I’m off to a friend’s house or a picnic at the park or a summer concert. It’s not summer yet (for us in the northern hemisphere) but I can dream, right?


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  1. Lovely makeup look, and I have to say I am kind of obsessing over those flats. SO adorable!

  2. I think my favorite is the skinny jeans actually. Not that I could wear them at my current size, but in a year maybe!

  3. OMFG i looooveee that clutch!!! but i clicked and it was out of stock plus being 226 bucks haha. not the best way to start the day 😛 i went to endless and beasically LOVE everyone of that woman’s creations. SO adorable and great for any setting. i sometimes do a really casual look and then BANG. like a fancy shoe or bag. i love the skinnies, too.
    it’s great to hear that you’re so confident about your weight loss!! i am also working on that. what are you doing? my uncle went on the DASH diet last week and lost 10 pounds in that week alone!! ill be looking into it 😛 apparently it’s for hypertension (which i dont have) but as high school student im thinking anything to calm me down would be amazing haha. not sure how old you are but you’re not supposed to drink alcohol on that diet.
    oh, and i LOVE the makeup! shazam…i cant help it. i like to look good. 🙂

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