5 Best Makeup Tutorial Artists on YouTube

Want to see even more great makeup tutorial artists? Check out Part 2 for more YouTube channels!

Although you can get a lot out of traditional picture makeup tutorials, sometimes it’s fun to watch a video tutorial instead. YouTube is the place to be as far as makeup tutorial videos go. Though there are dozens of people on the website providing makeup tutorials, I’ve come up a list of the 5 best makeup tutorial artists available, in no particular order.

Next time you want a bright makeup look but don’t know what to do, check out one of these YouTube makeup channels.


Jenn of JennisseMakeup provides tons of makeup tutorials for really bright, dramatic eye shadow looks. She also does nail tutorials and product reviews.

You may remember me following one of her tutorials to come up with my orange smoke Face of the Day. Here’s another example of her eye makeup prowess:

Makeup Geek TV

Marlena of Makeup Geek TV will school you in all things beauty. She is especially good at showing new makeup trends or giving you tips on how to emulate the look of a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie. She also reviews some of the more popular beauty products.

Makeup by Jacqueline (brilliantbrnette81)

Jacqueline does some really bright makeup looks. She’ll use colors that you may not think go together and produce a show-stopping, completely adorable look. Not sure what to do with your eye shadow? Check with her first.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of the most adorable people on YouTube. In addition to the occasional makeup tutorial, she also talks about beauty in general and talks to the camera about her life. If you’re Asian and looking for makeup tips to help with your almond eyes, she’s the person to see (though her tips can help everyone else, too.) Her videos have high production value.


Pixiwoo is the lovely beauty duo of Samantha and Nicola. These women are true beauty insiders. They have news and tutorials not just about eye makeup but about hair and other aspects of beauty as well. They really know their stuff.

Know of any other great makeup tutorial artists on YouTube? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I adore Pixiwoo, that’s my fave channel ever. Those girls are really lovely and I’ve learned a lot from them. I also love Makeup Geek and JennisseMakeup, they do some beautiful bright looks. I follow lots of people on Youtube, but apart the ones you mentioned, my faves are MissChievous and Sparkage. They’re nice girls that make some bright and creative looks.
    .-= gio´s last blog ..Product Review: Pupa Luminys Baked Blush #04 =-.

  2. I love Pursebuzz, petrilude, EnKoreMakeup, evepearl, xsparkage and gossmakeupartist just to name a few. Youtube make up Gurus have helped me become so much better at how I apply my make up and how everyone can wear the latest make up trends. Also the make up reviews and swatches make my purchasing make up from the internet so much more confident. The internet and beauty are to things made for each other like PB&J, Mac & Cheese, ect…..

  3. Thanks for all of the recommendations, Gio and Jody! It’s crazy how many really talents artists are on YouTube!

  4. i agree with the other girls about xsparge, pursebuzz, misChievous, and MakeupGeek, and I also love Missjessicaharlow, and monroemisfitmakeup, they are great!! MissJessicaHarlow was featured in Nylon magazine with Michelle Phan..I watch way too much Youtube..lol.. But agree these ladies really help fine tune my makeup techniques and inspire me..

  5. I love Michelle Phan. I can’t stop watching her videos lately, especially the Geisha Halloween Tutorial (which I did today in brick red and vanilla brown). But my other favorite who isn’t listed here is Kandee Johnson, who does an amazing job at costume makeup and making me jealous. =] Both are beautiful women who are great at what they do.

    I don’t know why, but makeup tutorials bring me this amazing zen state of mind and it’s so addicting.

  6. Michelle Phan has great tutorials! I would also recommend danalajeunesse. I found her recently and LOVE her style.

  7. i love jenisse’s makeup!! but how come kandee johnson isnt on this list?

  8. i reckon bubzbeauty should be there too….

  9. What about Kandee the makeup artist? Love her!

  10. These are all great but Tiffany D is the best! She does her looks so beautifully and more for the average chick.

  11. kandee johnson should be on this list!

  12. Hi Trisha,

    I’m a professional makeup artist who has just started a new YouTube Channel, I’d love to get your feedback!



  13. Recently found Lisa Eldridge, a make up artist in London. She has some great videos and great advice.

  14. Hi!!

    My absolute favorite makeup artist on Youtube has to be Kandee Johnson (KandeeJohnson)!! She is beautiful, her personality is hilarious, and she is so great at what she does. I absolutely love her tutorials!


  15. I disagree with Michelle Pham, she is becoming really fake these days anyways, I don’t think 5 is enough to cover all the makeup artists on youtube there are so many very talented people!

  16. I absolutely agree, Lisa Eldrige is sensational!I love watching her tutorials, she explains the details in such simple way, has years and years of experience working for Vogue and with many celebrities, she has brilliant imagination…and on a personal note – she is lovely and just a pure pleasure to watch.

  17. i think littlekiva is one of the best and should be included and michelle should be 2nd and littlekiva 1st

  18. allthatglitters21 is amazing! no one compares to her… seriously, she’s the only person I watch on youtube lol

  19. I love danisafford she has a disney look that is so pretty i wwear it whenever i go to disney

  20. I think bubzbeuty and juicystar07 and that pink should be not even on her………..

  21. Love Michelle Phan! Always try to duplicate her make-up. Won’t work for me though.

  22. I love JenniseMakeup and MakeupGeekTV! And also ForeverYours0727,JuicyStar07, and AllThatGitters21 are wonderful as well! ForeverYours0727 has beautiful hair tutorials that really help you! I can’t get enough of her! 😀

  23. hey
    i love michelle phan her videos is awesome and she is very telented makeup artist
    and she is so sweet i want to seen more make up videos and she is best in 5 make up artist she is best best best lovely

  24. I LOVE GlamLifeGuru. Great tips, and she is just bursting with love.

  25. I also love meganheartsmakeup, mmkaykayy, arose186, macbarbie07, and freshblush ;;)

  26. I have a 10 year old daughter who is totally into makeup and watching tutorials. But I have found her watching ones that are completely inappropriate for a 10 year old. Who would you recommend that is maybe G rated? Thx.

  27. I love makeupgeektv! Marlena is fabulous! Also i just started a channel on youtube called “beautylicious916” and it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out? Thanks! xoxo

  28. A really fantastic makeup artist is Promise Phan (channel name dope2111) she’s AMAZING! And even if you don’t do them they’re still great to watch.

  29. Michelle Phan doesn’t have makeup skill, she only does makeup on her own face, she doesn’t do nice and clean makeup work even she’s been only put makeup on her face over and over for that many years.

    Pixiewoo work on models and do very professional makeup jobs. Michelle Phan should be replaced by xteeener, or Manwomanfilm if you want to talk about Asian makeup looks.

    • Agree about Michelle Phan. Tired of her now. Can’t watch her for longer than 30 sec. She is doing more acting than teaching makeup. Pixiwoo is down to earth and their jokes/ stories are just natural.

  30. These are all good picks, but I absolutely adore Jordan Liberty!!!!! He is our generation’s next Kevin Aucoin. His attention to detail, flawless makeup application, and videos on youtube are AMAZING!!!! Type Give Good Face in on youtube and you’ll see what I mean!!Oh and I really like Kandee Johnson too!!!

  31. You should try this girl. Her videos are speedy and to the point. You’ll like it if you know all the basics already.

  32. Well, I think that it’s important for me to say to all of you that Lisa Eldrige is, also, a good make-up artist. you should see it.

  33. Porque Caramorello não está aí?ela é a melhor.


  35. You are awesome

    My girl just started her quest
    show her some love
    she is really good


  36. XXMichaelJames is the BEST makeup artist out there, IMO. Stunning looks. 😀

  37. NikkieTutorials on youtube is amazing!! she does an awesome foundation routine that I use everyday. She’s awesome

  38. Jordan Liberty; Give Good Face. Check out his leopard print eyes tutorial – amazing

  39. I love TheMakeupChair’s channel. It’s pretty good for beginners such as myself.

  40. Jaclyn Hill is AMAZING. I am so surprised no one has said anything about her! If you have time, check her out. I think she’s better than makeup geek and pretty much everyone lol

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