Makeup Review: Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

Cover Girl’s LashBlast mascara line has been around for a few years. They had LashBlast Volume (which I didn’t like very much), and then LashBlast Length.

Now they’ve created a new mascara that is supposed to be the best of both worlds. Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion is supposed to add both length and volume to your lashes. With the thick wand and the chunky, purple packaging, you’d think that this product lives up to all of these promises.

I tried out the Black Brown version to be sure.

How well does it apply?

LashBlast Fusion’s wand is thick  with medium-length bristles. This can make it hard for people with short eyelashes.

Here’s a picture of the wand so you can get a good idea:

lashBlastFusion02 The formula for the mascara was not-too-thick, not-too-thin. It went on smoothly and I was able to get a good look with just one application.

The shorter bristles at the tip of the wand made it easier to apply mascara to the lashes near the inside corner of my eye, which is often a tough place to get to.

How does it work?

You can judge the look for yourself:

lashBlastFusion03 Cover Girl advertises LashBlast Fusion as both lengthening and volumizing mascara. While my lashes seemed to have more volume, they didn’t seem much longer than they already were. Granted, it still did a better job at both volume and length than the original, orange-tubed  LashBlast Volume version of the mascara.

LashBlast Fusion didn’t clump up like some other mascaras and it lasted all day. It was easy to remove with eye makeup remover and it didn’t flake off.

You can see how it looks with eye shadow in the St. Patrick’s Day Face of the Day.

The Final Verdict

Although I liked Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion, I didn’t think it fulfilled all of it’s promises. While it added volume to my lashes, it didn’t lengthen them. Still, it didn’t clump up, was easy to apply and looked great. For these reasons, I give Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion a…


You can pick up LashBlast Fusion online and at mass retail stores for $9.99 suggested retail price.


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