Makeup Review: Avon SuperExtend Mascara

Length is a big deal in the mascara industry right now. Most brands are coming out with a lengthening mascara.

Today, I’m trying out the new Avon SuperExtend Mascara to see if it truly lengthens my already super-long lashes. For this review, I’m using the Black variety, but it also comes in Brown, Brown/Black and Navy.

How well does it apply?

The SuperExtend mascara wand is long and thin with shorter bristles. This makes it perfect for getting from the root of each eyelash all the way to the tip. This is especially important for those that have blonde lashes.

The mascara formula isn’t too thick or thin and it slides easily onto the lashes. It was also good for getting the shorter lashes near the inside corner of the eye.

Now for the downside. Avon SuperExtend doesn’t dry quickly. In fact, it can take 15 minutes to dry. While it dries, the mascara is sticky, so you can feel the upper lashes sticking to the lower lashes as you blink. I’m not a fan of that.

How does it look?

Here’s an example of the SuperExtend mascara on my own lashes:

AvonSuperExtend02 As you can see, the lashes are darker and fuller after a second coat.

As far as lengthening, I did notice that my lashes had gotten a bit longer. If you click on the above image for a close-up, you’ll notice a change in the tips of each lash. I’d say the length of each lash was extended by 5-10%. Nice!

You can see an example of Avon SuperExtend Mascara in a full makeup look in the Face of the Day 04-12-2010 Burgundy article.

Now for the downside. I noticed that by the end of the day, the mascara began to flake off and fall to the skin underneath my eye. It was really easy for this stuff to flake off.

The Final Verdict

Avon SuperExtend Mascara was easy to use and made my lashes look longer, fuller and darker. Still, I can’t ignore the flaky and slowly-drying formula. For these reasons, this mascara would be best for application near the end of the day so you never get to see the flakes fall all over your face, since that doesn’t occur for many hours. For these reasons, I gave Avon SuperExtend Mascara a…


Pick up Avon SuperExtend Mascara online or from a local Avon representative for $8.50 suggested retail price.


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