Ultimate Beauty Day 7: Save Your Favorite Makeup Looks

10DaysBanner Goal: Replicate your favorite looks.

For the seventh day of the 10 Days to Ultimate Beauty, I’m going to help you remember some of your better makeup looks.

Saving Favorite Makeup Looks

There are 365 days in an average year. If you did a different makeup look for each of these days, it would be hard to remember what you did for your favorite looks. That’s a lot of makeup, after all.

Since I’m a beauty blogger, I save all of my favorite looks on Makeup Files, either as a makeup tutorial or in the Face of the Day posts. I look back at these when I need some inspiration.

When you save your favorite looks, you know they will work for you at a later date. Unlike trying a random tutorial on the internet, you’ve already proved to yourself that this look works.

LooksAssignment Day 7: Take pictures of your favorite makeup looks. For instance, if you did a particularly awesome retro makeup look, take a picture of your face. Save these pictures in a folder on your computer. The next time you’re not sure what to do for your makeup, look through the folder. Pick something you like and repeat it.

Don’t have a camera? Start a Look Diary. Write down the date and describe what your makeup looked like, how you applied it, and what products you used.You could even use some colored pencils to draw it out.

Extra Credit: Take this one step further by transferring your folder of images into a Look Book. Print out the pictures and paste them in a scrapbook. Include the list of products you used and a few tips on how you created the look. If you want to do it on the computer, you could upload them to Flickr and add them to an album called “Look Book.” You could even create your own Look Book blog. Listing the products and techniques will help you replicate it later on.

Have you started a Look Book? What looks do you repeat most often? Let us know in the comments!


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