How to Look Cute While Jogging

Summer is almost here!

You’ve no doubt noticed a steady stream of runners out at all hours of the day. They jog past you as you walk around a park or practically jump out at you while you’re driving down the street.

Guess what? I’m becoming one of them! Sort of, anyway. There’s this jogging plan called Couch to 5K (C25K) where it helps you go from never jogging (me) to being able to run a 5K race in 9 weeks. They even have an iPhone/iPod Touch app that prompts you to “run” or “walk” or “cooldown” while you listen to your music. Yeah, I’ve got that.

Today, as I was alternating between 60 seconds jogging and 90 seconds walking, I got to thinking about the way us joggers (I’m one of you now!) present ourselves. Sure, it shouldn’t matter how you look because you’re just getting sweaty anyway. Then again…

Top Reasons to Get Cute While You Jog
  • You might just be running past your future husband.
  • People from work/school/chess club could be driving past.
  • James McAvoy (or some other sexy famous person) could see you and immediately want to marry you IF you look adorable.
  • If you get injured, you’ll at least look adorable on a gurney at the hospital.
  • Because it’s fun.

Luckily, being cute while you jog isn’t too tough. It just takes a little planning and just a dash of makeup.

How to Look Cute While Jogging/Running

1. Wear a Sports Bra

You have big boobs? Great! That’s doesn’t mean you should get two black eyes while you run. Nothing looks less adorable than an unsupported chest. Go get a sports bra. I’m large-chested, and I was actually able to find a sports bra with an underwire. Nice!

2. Color Coordinate

You can’t go running in a flouncy sequined dress. It’s just not in the cards. Stick to traditional workout clothes, but try to color coordinate your outfit. Try dark fuchsia running shorts and a light pink t-shirt. Or how about some purple workout pants and a muted yellow tank top? Also, avoid clothes with rips and stains. Not cute.

3. Slather on Some SPF

Sunburns both hurt and look bad. The same goes for skin cancer. Put on sunscreen on your face and body. You have no excuse.

4. Wear an Adorable Hat

If you go for long runs, your scalp is susceptible to a nasty sunburn. Since it’s hard to use sunscreen on your scalp, wear a hat instead. It’ll also shield the sun from your eyes. Go for something adorable yet functional.

5. Use Brown Eyeliner

This is optional, but if you really want to throw out the cute, add a thin line of brown eyeliner to your top lid only. Pick gel liner that doesn’t smudge easily, especially if your face sweats a lot.

6. Wear Brown Mascara

Brown mascara is understated enough that you won’t look like a tramp, yet dark enough to make your eyes look bigger and prettier. If you want a bit more drama, choose brown black mascara instead. Keep it just on your top lashes.

7. Use Tinted Lip Gloss with SPF

Your lips need protection too, so get a lip gloss or balm with SPF. Even better, choose one that’s glossy or that has a slight pink or peach tint. Bring it with you on your run so you can reapply if the sun or wind dries out your lips.

8. Smile

Nothing makes you look better than a smile. Some people get stuck scowling when they run. Every block or so, remind yourself to smile, even if no one is watching.

9. Say Hi to Everyone

Say hello to everyone you pass, whether they’re another jogger, a walker, a cyclist or a mom pushing a stroller. If they have their headphones on, give them a cheery nod or a little wave. A friendly person is infinitely more adorable than someone who’s put up a social brick wall.

Do you jog? How do you like it? Do you have any extra advice for being adorable while you run? Say it in the comments!


Photo credit: Ed Yourdon

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  1. i like these tips, smiling is the best one!

    this list allmost makes me wanna get up off my butt 🙂

  2. Thanks, Gina!

    Isn’t “getting off your butt” one of the hardest things about it all? It is for me, anyway! 😉

  3. These are all great tips! Also, make sure you have good posture. You don’t look cute all slumped over!

  4. Great points.. Bt do mention about cute hairstyles… Lik pony tails or d ever so cute braided luk dat suits everyone! Especially me as i hv vry curly hair!

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