My First Wrinkles

I mentioned a few days ago in an anti-aging product review that I’ve started to get my first wrinkles.

I have three:

That’s my right eye. See underneath? My left eye has the beginnings of these kinds of wrinkles, but not as much.

And I’m only 27!

Yep, I blame Montana. I was born and raised in Minnesota. The humid weather made my skin nice and moist all-year-round. Then I moved to Montana 2.5 years ago and the super dry weather has made my skin feel terrible.

Darn you, mountains!



  1. I’m getting them too, girl. I’m 24… I attribute them to all my smiling. BUT STILL… NOOOOOOO!
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  2. Aww, Morgan… even at 24? Aging sucks, doesn’t it?

  3. Hmmm, I’ve always had those (and I’m 21). I don’t think they’re actually considered wrinkles. I wouldn’t worry about them, honestly.

    Hey, hey, hey, you can’t diss mountains, especially the Alps and the Rockies. I spent, in total, 6 years near or literally next door to both of those ranges (ahem, military kid here) so I miss my mountain skyline. I live in the upper Midwest and it’s flatter than a pancake (hills don’t count) and so humid! If I could, I’d move back to Arizona. Warm most of the year, dry AND mountain views.

  4. Kate&Zena: I agree about how they don’t exactly look like wrinkles. I’d agree that they weren’t if I’d always had them, but they’re new. So, to me, they’re officially wrinkles. 🙂

    As for mountains, sure they’re nice. But I could really use some humidity. Though, it is cool that I live only a block away from the foot of a mountain. Pretty rad, indeed.

  5. Its nothing to worry about, I even have them and I’m 13!

  6. I am not a makeup wearer so, wrinkles and lines show the minute they arrive on my face. There is nothing worse than your teenage daughters telling you how much older you look than their friend’s mothers. So when a friend told me to try Made From Earth’s Olive Night Cream, I was interested.

    She bought me a jar online. How could I not use it? OMG. It really works. Like many things you have to be patient and not judge the results before the proper time, in this case at least 4 weeks and preferably 8. I started using the Olive Night Cream, I placed it by the sink and used the morning eye cream just after doing my hair, and the pm just after brushing my teeth at night. But I have to admit after even one week I thought I saw results, but after 4 others definitely noticed a difference. They were not sure what, but everyone said I looked rested, calm. and great. At eight weeks, even my children thought I looked good. Miracles never cease to happen. I love this product and highly recommend it.

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