Beauty Review: RAW Natural Beauty Blush / Shaping Brush

It doesn’t matter if you  have good makeup. If you don’t have a good brush to apply it with, you’re still not going to end up with a great look. Those are just the facts.

In my quest for a good blush brush, I came upon the RAW Natural Beauty Blush / Shaping Brush, from the makers of RAW Minerals. It comes in the Native Essence Kit, or you can buy it separately.

How big is the brush?

The brush head for the blush / shaping brush is rather large. It’s about an inch wide at the base of the bristles and about an inch and a half wide at the crown. The bristles are about an inch an a half long.

This large size makes the brush perfect for applying blush, bronzer or translucent face powder.

What are the bristles like?

The RAW Natural Beauty Blush / Shaping Brush is soft with moderately stiff bristles. They’re made of natural fibers and hold color well.

blushShapingBrush02 Unlike cheap blush brushes, the bristles didn’t fall out all over my face.

How well does this work?

The bristles had just the right stiffness and softness to create a soft blush look.  It creates very soft edges that work best for a blended blush look. If you want severe edges to your blush, this isn’t a good choice.

Is this just for mineral makeup?

Although this blush brush was made by a mineral makeup company, I tried it with both mineral and regular powder blush. It gave the same results for each. You can use this even if you don’t own any mineral blush.

The Final Verdict

If you’re in need of a blush brush, there’s no reason not to get the RAW Natural Beauty Blush / Shaping Brush. It’s soft, yet stiff for good blended blush application. Just avoid it if you want your blush to look severe. I give this blush brush an…


Pick up the RAW Natural Beauty Blush Brush online for $35.00 suggested retail price. is having a sale on it right now and you can get an added 20% discount if you use the BLOGREVIEW coupon code.


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  1. I’m glad this brush works well for you. I just have too many blush brushes at this point but it’s nice to know there’s a new and reliable brush out there 🙂

  2. Oh I want this so bad! Too bad it wasn’t in stores, I would love to try it.

  3. Dao: Yeah, I definitely don’t have the problem of too many brushes. I usually find one and stick with it. I mean, I only have a few eye shadow brushes, which is pretty much unheardof in the beauty blogging community.

  4. Patricia M: Yeah, I looked and I don’t think RAW Minerals products are sold in any brick and mortar stores. It’s a shame, it really is.

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