Beauty Review: Avon Advance Technique Lotus Shield

Frizz is a real problem. You’ll be out at a park with friends and a brief sun shower will rain droplets all around you. Even if you’re hidden under a pavilion or an adorable polka dotted umbrella, you’ll end up with a full head of frizz because of all the humidity. At least that’s the case for me any others with curly or wavy hair. Heck, even some straight haired gals have this problem.

Avon has come out with their first-ever anti-frizz hair product: Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. And guess what? It isn’t even out yet. It comes out in late July, 2010.

With all my knowledge of frizz, how could I not try this out?

How does it work?

Apply the Advance Technique Lotus Shield on freshly cleaned, damp hair. If you’re one of those people that want to put on anti-frizz products when your hair is completely dry, sorry. This isn’t for you.

advancedTechLotusShield02 Now, most products like this, you only need to use a “pea-sized” or “dime-sized” amount for your hole head of hair. I ended up using maybe three times that amount each time I used it. Granted, I have long hair, but still. That’s a lot for a little 2 fl. oz. bottle.

How does it smell?

This is the best thing about the Lotus Shield. I’m serious. I was completely floored when I smelled this product. It is totally tropical. It sort of smells like pina colada, except with less coconut and more citrus. It’s amazing. It’s warm and sugary and awesome. I’d be happy to smell like this forever.

Does it leave a residue?

No! I was pretty jazzed about this, too. A lot of anti-frizz products are oily or stiff. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell I had this on once my hair was dry. Score!

Does it control frizz?

Short answer: yes. When I applied this in the morning, I was relatively frizz free for the rest of the day. I say relatively because if I brushed my hair later, while it was dry, it was Frizz City. Then again, I never brush my hair for that very reason. FYI for those not in the know: you shouldn’t brush curly hair.

So in that way, Advanced Technique Frizz Control Lotus Shield worked very well.

There’s one more thing to consider though: longevity. The advertising for Lotus Shield says that your hair will be less prone to frizz after using it for a week. Personally, I saw no difference using it a week or two after I first got it compared to the very first day. It’s not curing my frizz permanently.

The Final Verdict

Avon Advance Technique Lotus Shield is a easy-to use frizz product. Although it gets rid of frizz well, it didn’t live up to its promises that it will make your frizzy hair even better over time. Then again, it was the best smelling hair product I’ve had in years. It gets extra points for that for sure. Plus, no residue. This is a good product for it being Avon’s first foray into frizz-control. For all of these reasons, I give the Lotus Shield a…


Avon Advance Technique Frizz Control Lotus Shield comes out in late July, 2010. Once it comes out, you can get it from a local Avon representative or on their website. The suggested retail price is $12.


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  1. I’m blessed with stick straight hair but my friend has curly hair. She may need one of this for her hair. Thanks for the review, Trisha. Btw, I feel so bad for you not winning Hairtag. Please blame it on the coin and gravity.

  2. Well, luckily there’s a giveaway for this, huh? Maybe your friend will win.

    And as for the hairtag giveaway, I totally blame the coin. “Darn you coin! Darn you!” *shakes fist at the sky*

  3. Sorry but this product is not good. I used it once, it made no difference to my frizz and all it has left IS RESIDUE, I have washed my hair everyday for a week and a half and its still in my hair. The only thing I can say about Lotus shield is that it does repel water. Unfortunately for me that means I cant wash it out. I am using baking soda today and dish washing liquid as someone told me that would get it out. So disappointing after all it promised.

  4. Therese, that’s too bad that happened to you! I didn’t have the same experience, but it’s good you commented. People who read the review and see your own experience will get the full take on the product.

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