Giveaway: Avon Advance Technique Lotus Shield

::UPDATE:: The giveaway is over. Makeup Files reader, Patricia M., was randomly chosen and won the Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Sheild. Congratulations, Patricia!

Frizzy hair is a problem. Now you have a chance to win something that could help.

I reviewed Avon Advance Technique Frizz Control Lotus Shield yesterday and gave it a B. Here are some highlights:

  • It smells like amazing-ness
  • It controls frizz well
  • It doesn’t leave any oily or crunchy residue.

Although Lotus Shield comes out at the end of the month, I’m giving one lucky reader the product before everyone else.

You could be the lucky one!

What you’ll win: One 2 fl. oz. bottle of Avon Advance Technique Frizz Control Lotus Shield anti-frizz hair product.

How to enter: Leave a comment to this blog post telling me the best hair style you ever had.

My answer: The hair I have now! It’s the longest it’s been in over 10 years and I love the dark burgundy color and side-swept bangs. I guess I’m getting better looking with age. 😉

Enter your comment before July 13 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time. That gives you a full week.

The fine print: This contest is open to US and Canada residents of 18 years of age or older only. You need a valid email (entered into the “email” field in the comment form below) so I can contact you.

I’ll pick a winner randomly from everyone with a valid entry (as in, you MUST answer the question under “how to enter”) when the contest is over. Once I have a name I’ll email you and ask for your shipping info. Unlike other giveaways, the Lotus Shield will be shipped directly from the PR firm working with Avon, and not from me personally.

Get to entering!


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  1. Yay! A giveaway! There’s one going on in my blog now, I hope you’re going to join:) I’m doing this for my friend. She has curly hair and she’ll need it.

    The best hair I’ve ever had is my current hair right now. It’s so long! But I’m going to cut it off and donate to Locks of Love soon.

  2. My best hair was a wavy – un-done ‘do in Maui!!! Carefree. 🙂

  3. Okay my favorite hair do was my 15inch blue mohawk when I was a teen. Which was many years ago but boy was it fun. Can anyone say me and aqua net helped kill the ozone in the 80’s LOL

  4. I’d say my favorite hair do is the one I had about a year go, my favorite hair stylist quit the place I was going to sadly, now I just can’t achieve the look because of how she cut my hair, I had no idea how she did it! But other places just gave me layers and I can’t get that look anymore. I had nice volume all over, I like the ‘poofy’ look. I just wish I could get that look again.

  5. I rocked the asymetrical cut in the 80’s…..long on one side and almost shaved on the other. The good old days.

  6. My best hairstyle is the hairstyle that I have now, very, very short. It’s easy to care for and flatters my face.

  7. My best hair is the long straight like after beauty shop.dream dream dream

  8. The best hair I have had was a shag.

  9. The best hair that I had was a shoulder length bob.

  10. I love the way I’m wearing my hair now. The color is called copper brown, and I’m always getting compliments on it. I’ve never worn bangs until now. I also have a slight side part on top. The sides are swept back, and they curl. In back, all I have to do is fluff it with my fingers, and it fluffs out and up. My hair is cut about jaw-length, except for the back, which is slightly shorter. Before that, it was in a long pony tail, which went down past my shoulders. This was a big change for me, but I look a lot younger, and always get a lot of compliments. This giveaway would help a lot since I live near the water, and it’s always a bit humid. Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  11. I love the way my hair is now. I had started getting my hair cut with long layers and I love the way it looks. I also love my wavy summer beach look! I spray in a salt spray and let it air dry. When I go to the beach it just waves naturally after I get out of the salty water. Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. I like the way my hair is now, too. I’ve straightened it and its long, down past my back and is light brown with golden hilights woven through which are getting lighter in the sun.

  13. My best hair was about 2 years ago when it was really long. I am growing it out now and I am almost there.

  14. still looking 🙁

  15. I can’t say I’ve ever had a “best” hairstyle but my hair tends to look best when it has a bit of wave/curl to it. When my hair is straight (as it usually is) it tends to be very frizzy and requires a flat iron to calm it.

  16. I love my current style but my favorite is when I had curls! I have straight smooth hair now but I use to get so many compliments on my curls. As I get older I have more of a beach wave and frizz if I leave it natural. Do not like that look. I need a good frizz product to help make it smooth straight and shine!

  17. The best style was when I had my hair long – and I would let the curls and waves be, did not try to straighten it

  18. When I had chin length black hair, it was easy to style in the morning and my hair looked very healthy. Not that it needed much styling anyway so it escaped the torture of irons and curlers most of the time. Too bad that had to visit the stylist way too often to keep it trimmed and groom it into the right shape..

  19. My best hair style had to be when it was down my back and straight. It was simple but very flattering on my face.

  20. My best hair was probably when I was a teen. Long and straight. Easy to put in a pony tail or braid. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  21. Would love to try this new frizz fighter.

  22. My best hair was when I was 5-6 yrs old. It was LONG, well past my waste because I was too afraid to get my hair cut after my older brother chopped off my hair a few years earlier. Yet i was totally healthy because it had yet to be exposed to a hair dryer/curler/straightener!

  23. I’ve had 50 years of trendy hairstyles, but I like my hair now. Hormone- induced waves and a short piecy cut.

  24. The best hairstyle I had was a few months ago. Found a great stylist who gave me the cut I wanted. Yay!

  25. The best style I’ve had, is my current one, it’s very short and naturally curly but is frizzy. It’s still cute though.

  26. It would have to be now! i love the colour and cut of my hair and dread the day that it grows!

  27. I like the hair I have now! I used to have straight hair and always wanted curls. As I’ve gotten older my hair curled all on it’s own! I have “strawberry-blonde” hair…I was born with it. It’s pretty short, too. Anyways, I love it. (:

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