Urban Decay Makeup for $5? Yes, Please!

Urban Decay is having a makeup sale right now. A few of their products are $5 each. That’s right, 5 dollars. 5 big ones.

That’s cheap.

Urban Decay Ultraglide Lip Gloss

Originally $17, Ultraglide Lip Gloss comes in 7 different shades, all of which have a special flavor. Try Heat, a sheer red with golden shimmer that tastes like “sugar pop.” Or how about Quiver, a fuchsia/pink? It tastes like tangerines.

Urban Decay Smoke Out Eye Pencil

One end of the Smoke Out Eye Pencil, originally $14, has a slimline eyeliner pencil. The other end has a built-in smudger. There are 4 colors to choose from: Green Goddess (green), Mary Jane (blue), Maui Wowie (khaki) and Purple Haze (purple.) These are perfect for those who like colorful liners.

Urban Decay Loose Pigment

For all of you loose pigment lovers, try Urban Decay’s Loose Pigment line, originally $20 each. It comes in a “spill-proof” tube so you don’t get pigment all over the place. It also has a built-in brush, although you may prefer your own makeup brushes for application. There are 12 shades including loose versions of some of their most popular shadow colors such as Smog, Gunmetal and Baked.

That’s right. Each thing on this list is $5.

I think I want the eye pencils the most. And then the lip gloss. What about you?


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  1. Wow, that’s such a great deal! I really wish I lived in the USA so that I could get advantage of it. I love UD products but they’re so hard to find here.

  2. Can you still buy them online, though? If not, that totally sucks!

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