5 Beautiful Ways to Make it to the Second Date

Have you ever had a really great first date, only to have the guy never call you back?  If it was so great for you, why wasn’t it great for him.

There are lots of things that affect whether you get a second date. Chemistry is a big deal. You also want to have the same interests and life goals.

Though those things are important, how you present yourself is a big deal.

Imagine getting to a first date and the guy is wearing dirty sweat pants, messy hair and smells like an outhouse. First of all, yuck. Secondly, even if you would normally get along extremely well, you would probably run for the door.

Looks matter.

Next time you have a first date, employ these tactics to improve your chance for getting to the second date:

5 Ways to Present Yourself on a First Date to Get to the Second

1. Dress for the occasion.

Find out ahead of time what you’re doing on the date. While a cocktail dress would look lovely at a nice restaurant, it would look out-of-place at an outdoor concert.

2. Test your outfit first.

Have you ever had a shirt that turned see-through in certain kinds of light? This happens a lot with skirts. If you bought a new outfit, wear it inside, under normal light or florescent, and out in daylight to see if it looks good in all situations. Bend over and check if you’re showing anything from behind. It’s probably not a good idea to show your naughty bits on a first date. He’ll get the wrong idea.

3. Lay off the dark lipstick.

Though you may look great in bright red lipstick, think about what you might be doing on a date. Would you want to kiss him if you like him? If yes, choose a less “out there” shade or go for a sheer lip gloss instead. You don’t want to leave him covered in red splotches.

4. Throw on some blush.

You want to seem warm, happy and inviting on a first date. Increase your chances of looking this way by throwing some rosy pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Pick a sheer blush so you don’t look like you fell into a vat of it. A dusting is enough.

5. Limit perfume use.

A touch of fragrance can be nice, but if you’re swimming in it, your date will stay far away. Your date should be able to smell it when he’s right next to you, practically touching. If he can smell it from across the table, you’ve got problems. Who wants to eat a perfume-scented filet mignon?

Now you’re ready to charm the pants off of your date. You’ve just increased your chances of a second date by 5 points.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile!



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