What is Your Biggest Beauty Pet Peeve?

We style our hair, we spackle on makeup, we douse ourselves in fragrance…at some point all of us run into a beauty convention that just gets on our nerves.

It could be outrageous prices, sheer nail polish or cheap packaging. It could be unfulfilled claims, deceiving product photos or barely pigmented eye shadow. Everyone has a pet peeve. Now I want to hear about yours.

What is your major beauty pet peeve?

My answer? I don’t like when makeup palettes or travel makeup sets come with both powder and cream makeup in the same case. I understand they’re doing it to be helpful or to increase the value of the product, but I just don’t like it.

Here’s why: After a while, the powder eye shadow falls into the lip gloss portion of the palette, making it dusty and gunky. It essentially ruins the lip gloss, making it useless. In the end, that part of the palette was a waste.

What is your beauty pet peeve? Tell us in the comments!



  1. Definitely poorly pigmented eyeshadows. I hate when you have to apply a lot of product and the still the color wouldn’t shop up. And I dislike palettes with both cream and powder products for the same reason as you, they just get too messy overtime.

  2. One thing that bothers me is when products say hypo-allergenic
    and they have a strong perfume smell.

  3. Gio: Honestly, I totally agree. We shouldn’t have to keep applying layer after layer just to get it to be true-to-color.

  4. Colleen: Totally! Or when they say “Fragrance-Free” and it reeks of old people perfume. Umm, hi, that’s not fragrance-free.

  5. When an eyeshadow applies pigmented and you think “great!” – then ten minutes later it’s gone 😀

  6. Ugh, I totally agree, Pinch! I hate it when it fades. In my opinion, eye shadows should only be enhanced by primer. But if I NEED primer in order for it to stay longer than 10 minutes, we’ve got a problem.

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