Will iQ Derma Firmaceuticals Reduce Cellulite?

Oh, cellulite. You cause such ripples on our otherwise soft and supple thighs. Why have you forsaken us?

Not everyone has cellulite. Those that do have it just hate the dimples that form on their skin. And it’s darn near impossible to remove.

Honestly, I have barely any cellulite (please don’t be mad), but I do have just a tiny bit of rippling on my outer thighs.

I decided to try the iQ Derma Firmaceuticals collections to see if I could get rid of the cellulite. iQ Derma Firmaceuticals comes with:

Although these are typically sold separately, they’re supposed to work in conjunction to fight cellulite. I tried both.

How is the Firming Body Gel?

firmaceuticals02 Right off the bat, I liked the scent of the Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel. That is to say: there is no scent.

I see this as a good thing since most body lotions that promise to remove cellulite and firm skin smell terrible. Like an old lady’s medicine cabinet. That’s not the case with this.

Calling it a “gel” is accurate. It has the consistency of a clear hair gel. But for your body. It goes on smooth and is easy to rub into the skin. It soaks into skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

How is the Nutritional Supplement Pack?

Here’s where things get tricky. The FDA doesn’t regulate nutritional supplements. This applies not just to the Firmaceuticals Nutritional Supplement Pack, but any supplements you find at the local drug store. I can’t guarantee that this product won’t give you a bad reaction. Neither can iQ Derma. Here’s what they list for ingredients and nutrition facts (click the picture for a better view):

firmaceuticals04 Frankly, I was wary of taking the pills. I mean, they’re pills. And BIG ones at that. Check it out: these are the pills for just one day:

firmaceuticals03Huge! But I took them anyway. For you, the Makeup Files reader. Aren’t I nice?

The Nutritional Supplement Pack comes with 30 days worth of daily pill packets. Take one each morning with food.

It’s hard to tell if any nutritional supplement works, including this one. What I can tell you is that it has a little bit of caffeine. Normally I steer clear of caffeine completely. While taking these pills, I didn’t sleep very well. Perhaps it’s because I’m no longer used to caffeine. If you drink tons of coffee every day, you probably wouldn’t notice.

So, did it work?

Go ahead, guess if it worked? Did you say “no”?  Well…you’re wrong!

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but it actually worked. I started to notice that my cellulite was drastically reduced after just about 2 weeks. Granted, I barely had any cellulite to begin with, but that’s still an accomplishment.

After the 30 days, my cellulite was reduced, although not all gone. My thighs do look a lot better though.

So, what made it work? I have no idea. Since the Firmaceuticals system is a combination of the Firming Body Gel and the Nutritional Supplement Pack, it’s hard to know where the success came from. Was it the gel? The pills? Both? I just don’t know.

What I do know: it worked.

The only thing I can’t tell you is how long it lasts. My thighs still look good a few weeks after stopping, but it may all come back in a month. I just don’t know.

How’s the price?

I don’t normally talk about price in my reviews. What’s expensive to one person may be cheap to another. Still, I needed to talk about it with iQ Derma Firmaceuticals.

One 6.75 tube of Firming Body Gel and one box of the Nutritional Supplement Pack is supposed to last for 30 days. The gel is $80 and the pills are $45. That comes to $125 per month. That’s quite a bit of money.

Examine your finances before considering buying this.

You can pick up the iQ Firmaceuticals products, both the gel and the pills for 20% off with the coupon code BLOGREVIEW at Dermstore.com.

The Final Verdict

Although iQ Derma Firmaceuticals totally worked at reducing cellulite, I can’t ignore some glaring problems. The Nutritional Supplement Pack isn’t regulated and could contain ingredients that may harm you. Or it may not work at all. Also, the price is just a bit above a range I’m comfortable with. For these reasons, I give Firmaceuticals as a whole a…



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  1. You’re so lucky you barely have any cellulite, how I envy you! I have given up hope of any cream or gel working for me ages ago as nothing I tried seemed to make a difference. *sighs* But I’m glad these products worked well for you. I wish they weren’t so pricey though.

  2. I wish I had the funds to give this a try. Your review was great! Makes me want to buy a yearly supply…….guess I will have to play the lottery! 😉

    Great post.

  3. Yep, the price is the biggest problem, Gio and Leane. But it would cost less if you just got the gel and not the pills. That would be my recommendation. Even then, still pricey.

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