Enter to Win RAW Minerals Mineral Glow Blush

Blush, when applied correctly, can make you look warm, happy and friendly. And that’s the case with RAW Minerals Mineral Glow blush. I reviewed it as part of the RAW Minerals Discovery Kit near the end of 2009.

Now I’m giving you the chance to win the Mineral Glow so you can be fully blushed!

What you’ll win: One RAW Minerals Mineral Glow blush: a $25 value. This blush color is called “Warm Glow” and it works for most skin types. It doesn’t come with an applicator, so you’ll need a round brush of your own.

How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what makes you blush.

My answer: Any embarrassing moment makes me blush.  But the worst is when I think someone is talking to me, and I respond, only to find that they were talking to someone behind me. I blush like crazy!

The giveaway ends Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time. Be sure to add your comments before the time is up.

The fine print: To be eligible, you must be at least 18 and live in the US or Canada.  Leave a valid email address in the “Email” section of the comment form below.

I’ll pick a random winner from the eligible commenters and contact them via email. If I don’t hear from the winner 48 hours after I email them, I’ll pick a new winner. Remember to get back to me!

Have fun entering the giveaway!


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  1. nice compliments make me blush!

  2. Hi~~
    I blush when one of my relatives asks me some personal question….they do this often…lol

  3. I blush whenever I am thinking of something embarrassing!

  4. Anything embarrassing will make me blush.. even when I swear 😛

  5. When all eyes are on me! Like for a speech or any performance I might have, I sweat and turn bright red every time!

  6. Any number of situations make me blush. I like to think I blush less over the years, but teasing will still almost always make me blush.

  7. I blush everytime some one compliments me and I am totally caught off guard! Or when someone shares to someone else one of my embrassing moments from the past! Eek! Thats why its in the past!

  8. Yeah, I said hello back to someone, thinking they said hello to me, but they said it to someone beside me, lol

  9. The one thing that came to mind for me was going into a store like Spencer Gifts, and reading the T-shirts they sell. I can automatically feel my face start to turn red, and am thankful for the darker lighting in the store. I do find some of the shirts funny, but would never find myself wearing one of them!! The only other thing would be to receive a compliment that I didn’t expect, because growing up, those didn’t flow freely in our house.

  10. When I had toilet paper stuck to my Milano at a top club in NY city?? WT????

  11. compliments always make me blush. especially really really heartfelt ones lol

  12. I blush when I’m speaking to someone and my mind hits a block and there’s this awkward pause lol.

  13. I make other people blushes more than I blush. What makes me blush: well, if someone unearthed an embarrasing story with me being the main character, I would blush.

  14. Whenever someone says something nice about me.

  15. I blush when I tell the truth!

  16. I’ve always had a problem with turning bright red in awkward
    situations. Not much to do about it but laugh along.

  17. Strangely, I never blush whenever I’m posed in an embarrassing situation. But, I blush whenever I get a compliment! I suppose something embarrassing is more tolerable to me than being praised!

  18. I blush when all eyes are on me….like when I speak at meetings or help out with public events.

  19. any kind of embarrassing situations or if I have to be upfront before alot of people

  20. I blush when people compliment me (or when I get a hot flash!)


  21. Tons of things make me blush, but what stands out is when someone tries to give me a compliament and I just don’t know how I should take it. I guess it’s the weird teenager in me still.

  22. Stress at work and my blood pressure goes up..LOL!

  23. When someone I am standing close to starts talking and there is noone else around, and they say “Hi” and i say “Hey.” Then he looks at me and says “Oh no sorry, i am on my bluetooth. I wasn’t talking to you. and When he gets off of it ( I dont know he’s off of it. ) And hey says “Whats up?” I just ignore him thinking hes on bluetooth. Then he asks why I am ignoring him. Hahaha

  24. My wife makes me blush

  25. When I do something embarrassing and people are around me, I blush. It’s only when people are around that I blush.

  26. I blush whenever I speak with someone in authority, like border guards. Not sure why but it always happens

  27. What makes me blush? VERY little. Ha ha.

  28. NOTHING makes me blush – LOL

  29. When someone compliments me in front of a group of people.

  30. If I am in a group, and someone says something nice about me, I blush.
    Thank you!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  31. I blush whenever I am in a store, or anywhere in front of a group of strangers, and I get two left feet and stumble. The worst, happened the other day though. I had the kiddie cart and wasn’t paying attention to my steering and wiped out the whole bottom shelf of products in the store. Total BLUSH!!

    Excellent giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  32. hot weather makes me blush…

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