26 Mantras for Powerful Self-Esteem

There are two things that affect your beauty: how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside. As much makeup as you may have on your face, if you hate yourself, your beauty diminishes significantly.

Remember: you’re beautiful. And I mean that.

But sometimes it can be hard to remember just how great you are. Having a hard time with self-esteem? Say some of these mantras to yourself. Print them out and hang them on the refrigerator or on your cubicle wall. Tape them to the wall next to your mirror so you can see them while you get ready in the morning.

Say it to yourself as often as it takes for you to start believing it.

26 Mantras to Increase Your Inner Beauty

  1. “I love myself just the way that I am.”
  2. “There are many things I like about myself.”
  3. “My hair is great, even if it doesn’t always do what I want.”
  4. “There are many things to like about me.”
  5. “I’m good at lots of stuff, such as…”
  6. “I deserve love.”
  7. “I deserve to be liked.”
  8. “I deserve to be treated well.”
  9. “I deserve the good things in life.”
  10. “My favorite facial feature is my…”
  11. “My favorite thing about my body is…”
  12. “I am fun to be around.”
  13. “There are no reasons NOT to think I’m awesome!”
  14. “I’m a good person.”
  15. “Life is great!”
  16. “I’ll get what I want if I work hard and try my best.”
  17. “I love my body the way it is, even if it needs improvements.”
  18. “No one is perfect. I’ll focus on what makes me special than on my flaws.”
  19. “A great thing that happened today is…”
  20. “I’ll always feel and look better when I put on a smile.”
  21. “I enjoy being me.”
  22. “I do a good job being me.”
  23. “I work to improve myself to make an even better me.”
  24. “If I don’t like something, I’ll work to improve instead of complaining and waiting for it to fix itself.”
  25. “There’s always something to be happy about, even during the toughest times.”
  26. “I will never talk down about myself; to myself or to other people.”

What is your favorite mantra? Do you have any to add? Keep the list going in the comments.


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  1. I like that self love is referenced on a makeup site! Affirmations are so powerful. I should get back into the habit of saying these! Thanks for the important message 🙂

  2. Great post! I would just slightly change #17:

    “I love my body the way it is, and I respect it and take care of it.”

    If you say “even if it needs improvement”, you’re still focusing on what’s NOT right and you’re hedging acceptance of your body.

    As someone who has fought (and triumphed!) over an eating disorder and still struggles with body image, I’m very sensitive to body-self-talk.

    That said: thank you for this post! Even if we love to play with makeup, we should start from a place of knowing we’re beautiful even without it….

  3. Good call, Terri! I appreciate your response and your good mantra idea.

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