Avon Jillian Dempsey Collection Swatches

Avon comes out with new beauty products all the time. This time, they’ve created an entire line created by Jillian Dempsey for their Avon Professionals collection.

Jillian Dempsey is a noted makeup artist. You’ll see her looks all over the red carpet and in many beauty magazines including Elle and Marie Claire.

The fact that she created these products for Avon is pretty cool.

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Eye Duo

AvonJD02 Sold for $9 suggested retail price, the Eye Duo comes with both a highlighting eye shadow and a liquid eyeliner; one on each end. They come in various shadow/line color combinations: White/Jet Black, Shell Pink/Warm Brown, Bronze/Warm Brown and Gold/ Jet Black.

Here’s swatches of the Gold/Jet Black version:

AvonJD03 I love the pigmented shadow, but the liner looks a little watery.

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Multi-Pencil

AvonJD04 The Multi-Pencil is sold for $8 suggested retail price. Like the Eye Duo, the Multi-Pencil is a double-ended multi-purpose beauty product. The thicker end has a lip/cheek color and the thinner end has an eye shadow in pencil form. It comes in Raspberry Radiance, Sugar Plum and Twice the Spice.

Here are swatches of Sugar Plum:

AvonJD05 The lip/cheek color is on the left and the eye shadow color is on the right. The eye shadow would be especially good for highlighting the inner corner of your eye and just under the brow.

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Lash Booster

AvonJD06 The Lash Booster, $9.50 suggested retail price, is supposed to go on between coats of mascara. While the Lash Booster is mostly a clear gel, is contains small colored fibers, either Black or Brown. It’s supposed to amp up your lashes to mimic false lashes without all the mess.

Since it’s clear, I don’t have swatches.

Keep your eye on Makeup Files because I’ll be doing full reviews of these products in the future.


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  1. That gold eyeshadow looks beautiful! I agree the eyeliner doesn’t look too good though.

  2. Hmm… Avon and me have had issues. Do these make anyone else break out?

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