Traveling and Beauty: How do you cope?

In just a few days I’ll be headed out on a mini vacation. I’ll be gone from Thursday to Saturday (so don’t expect any posts then).

It got me thinking about travel and beauty. I’ve talked about travel before, and about the kinds of things you might want to bring on your trip. But do you really care about your beauty when you’re out of town?

Do you worry about beauty when you’re on vacation?

I’m betting that it depends on the kind of trip. For instance, I’m going on a road trip and will be spending most of my time walking around town, soaking in hot springs, and watching movies at a drive in. Because of that, I’m bringing only the bare minimum of travel beauty essentials (a little eye shadow, mascara and eye liner will do.)

But what about a fancier or longer vacation? Would you bring an entire, fully-packed case with you?

I want to hear from my readers? What do you bring when you go on vacation?


Photo by Ricardo Diaz.


  1. It depends on how I travel. If I travel by plane then I only bring a few essentials (travel size skincare, an eyeshadow palette, lipgloss etc) with me that can easily fit into the small see-through bag you can carry with you on the plane. I usually only take a small trolley that I carry with me on board so I can’t take too much with me. If I travel with train or car then I bring more stuff, but not too much as I like to travel lightly. And if I forget anything, I can always buy it when I reach my destination.

  2. I like to make sure I have all my skin care products, so I bring sample size too.
    I haven’t been able to find a travel makeup
    Bag that fits all my needs ,so I bring 3 different bags.
    I have. One for skin care ,one for makeup and one
    For shampoo and things for the shower etc. Any ideas
    For one bag for all?

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