A Sweet Time in Butte

Last week I went on a little mini vacation to Butte, Montana. It was my mom and I’s yearly mother-daughter vacation.

But before we could get to Butte, we stopped at a little town that’s sole awesomeness comes from a giant candy store. We spent about an hour in there filling up bags of candy. I may have a picture of that to be posted soon.

I still have some candy left, even though it was a week ago. That’s a cue right there that I got a lot of candy. I mean, so much candy that my dentist will probably hate me.

In Butte, we did a lot of things. Drive-in movies (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Other Guys. Both were great.), hot springs, you name it.

We also spent an entire afternoon walking around historic downtown Butte, taking pictures.

butte02 There’s a lot of graffiti everywhere. Some more clever than others. This is from a long series of pig stencils across the side of someone’s garage. Even now, I have no idea what it meant.

butte03 At least the pigs seemed like professional graffiti work. This message graced the pole for a stop light. Apparently the mystery woman didn’t appreciate being called a whore. I don’t think I’d appreciate it either.

butte04 Some of the historic buildings were well-kept. Some needed a little work. This one needed a LOT of work.

I really needed that vacation, even if it was only for a few days. I wish I could take an awesome vacation every week. Every DAY!


PS: Have you bought The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover book yet? The price goes from $8 to $13 in the middle of September. Better act fast.

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  1. “I wish I could take an awesome vacation every week. Every DAY!”

    Truer words have never been spoken … um written!

  2. I know, right Trinidad? Although, if we took vacations every day, would we eventually get sick of them?

    Umm…no. 😉

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