What Makeup Brands Do You Use Often?

Even if you have a favorite makeup brand, that doesn’t mean you use it all the time.

Frequency really shows what works the best.

What makeup brands do you use the most?

My answer: I use these the most…

  • L’Oreal
  • Maybelline
  • Elite Pro
  • Urban Decay
  • Cover Girl

I use these the most for lots of reasons. Some are inexpensive (L’Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl). Some are industry leaders (Urban Decay). Some are just my favorite products (Elite Pro).

What do you use most? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Mine are Sleek, Fyrinnae and Pupa. Lately I’v started using I Provenzali, an Italian organic skincare brand, a lot too.

  2. I love Lorac, they have great value sets and they really do come with the essential products (l/g, blush, e/s) not just things you would use every once in a while. And tarte, I love Tarte esp the finshing powder
    Its very worth splurging.

  3. I tend to use Revlon, MAC, NARS, and Lorac often. NARS, is my favorite! Oh, and Maybelline for mascara.

  4. I use L’Oreal for eyeshadow & lipstick – Mary Kay and Cover Girl for concealer & foundation (I prefer tinted moisturizer) – Usually Cover Girl for mascara – I adore the Volume Exact & Exact Eyelights for hazel eyes, the nylon bristles are so much better than brushes for de-clumping.

    Drugstore makeup is just easier for me to grab, though the downside of course is you usually can’t test before you buy. My drugstore has an “if you don’t like it, you can return it” policy, which helps. And drugstore brands are much better in quality and sophisticated shade selection now than they were years ago.

  5. I use MAC, PureLuxe, Aromaleigh (sadly discontinued), Medusa’s Makeup, Urban Decay, Clinique and Fyrinnae. I don’t use any drugstore cosmetics. Number one reason is none of them can say Cruelty Free. Second is I’m never happy with the results. I can’t get the drama and pigmentation that I want. I’d rather use higher quality products because, well, it’s going on my face! What I’ve found with a lot of cosmetics is you really do get what you pay for sometimes. I also like using the loose minerals and pigments because they are really versatile. You can apply dry or wet, use as a liner and I’ll even mix to come up with my own shades.

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