Face of the Day: 3 Day Weekends

When I entered the bathroom today, where I do my makeup, I was confronted with a decision. What should I do? What colors should I use on my eyes? What kind of look am I thinking of today?

Then I thought of it: emerald. I wanted to use some sort of emerald green in my crease.

This is how it turned out:

You can’t tell, but I totally have pajama pants on. It’s a cozy day!

This look consisted only of eye makeup. I didn’t put anything on my face or lips. Why? I just didn’t feel like it.

fotd090710-02 I promise it looks more emerald-y in real life.

Here’s what I used and how I used it!

I’m satisfied with the way it turned out.

As to the title of this post, we just finished up a nice 3 day weekend here in the US because of Labor Day.

It got me thinking about how awesome 3 day weekends are. I’d much rather have 3 days off than 2.

And then I realized something awesome. I’m self employed. I can do whatever I want! So I did the calculations and am now planning to take 3 days off every weekend.  This week is a trial to see how it goes.

The only work I plan to do on Fridays now is a Makeup Files post. And then that may only be sometimes. You shouldn’t see much change here, if anything at all. But you WILL notice a much more relaxed and happier Trisha.



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  1. This is a beautiful look! The colors you used go so well together.

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