A Funky Time With Wet N Wild Nail Polish for Halloween

As I walked into the nearest Shopko, on my way to buy some new soda flavors for my SodaStream home soda machine (I got diet orange and diet root beer), I came upon a glorious sight.

On the end caps of each of the beauty aisles, about 5 end caps, Wet N Wild had their Halloween makeup already set up. Halloween makeup!

I love Halloween because you can find all of the fun shadow and polish colors and fun fake eyelashes that are normally tough to find other times of the year.

The BEST thing I saw was the Halloween nail polish from Wet N Wild. Not only were they $0.99 each (99 cents! OMG!), they came in some awesome colors. Along with the requisite orange, red and black, they also had shimmery metallic shades of green and blue.

So, of course, I snatched them right up.

I bought Wet N Wild Wild Shine nail polishes in Caribbean Frost and Bijou Blue.

Plus side: while these were set out for Halloween, these colors aren’t seasonal. According to the website, you can get them all-year-round.


Caribbean Frost, 2 Coats

Caribbean Frost is a green-turquoise color with a shimmery metallic finish. It went on well in only two coats and was resistant to chipping more than other inexpensive polishes. Even four days later, it barely had a scratch.

WNWHalloween03 Bijou Blue, 3 Coats

Bijou Blue needed one more coat than Caribbean Frost, which is annoying. Still, it’s a really pretty blue metallic. It lasted a long time, just like the other polish

Here’s a downside: both polishes were super tough to remove. They weren’t as hard as removing sparkly nail polish (which is the bane of my existence), but it was still harder than normal.

The Final Verdict

This nail polish is beautiful and lasts a long time. The only downsides were the slightly thinner formula for Bijou Blue and the tough time it takes to remove them both. Let me tell you, this is definitely worth 99 cents. This Halloween makeup season is looking good. I give these colors of Wet N Wild Wild Shine nail polishes an…


Pick up this nail polish at Shopko, Walgreens, and wherever else sells Wet N Wild Halloween makeup.


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  1. Those colors are gorgeous!

  2. What do you like for base and top coats?

  3. @ Gio: Thanks! I totally agree. And they go well together too, if you wanted to alternate nails with different colors.

    @ Dessa: I didn’t use a base or top coat for these because I wanted to get a true opinion (so yep, they lasted 4+ days without chipping and without base and top coats). But I do really like OPI for base and top.

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