10 Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

As I lamented earlier in the week, summer is almost over. We have less than two weeks before it’s officially autumn. Let’s not waste them.

So rather than feeling sad at summer’s impending doom, resolve to spend the last days of summer having F-U-N.

10 Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

  1. Have a picnic at a park and invite everyone you know. Make it a potluck so everyone can bring their best dishes. Keep storage containers on hand so people can bring home leftovers. Set up a volleyball net and games of crochet and bocce ball.
  2. Wear your most colorful and fun clothing. Summers all about bright colors. Wear green dresses or red jeans. Do your makeup in bright colorful shadows to match.
  3. Go for a walk through your neighborhood. Appreciate the way the warm air feels on your face, and the scents of the trees, grass and flowers. Wave and say hello to everyone you pass.
  4. Look up all of the outdoor events in your area. Attend every one of them. You won’t get the same chance until winter is over, especially if you live in a place that gets snowy or super cold.
  5. Pick wildflowers and fill up a few vases. Place the vases all around your home: on your desk, as a dining table centerpiece or on your bedroom dresser. Wake up to the smell of fresh flowers.
  6. Read a book outside. Reading a book under a tree while sitting on a blanket totally changes the way you experience the words. Don’t miss out on this important summer occasion.
  7. Go on a road trip. Enlist some of your best friends and go for a day-trip to a local outdoor attraction. Make a special music playlist to listen to on the drive. Gossip about life and discuss the things most important to you with your friends. It’s bonding time!
  8. Get dressed up for no reason. Wear your fanciest dress while doing normal, everyday things. Visit the post office. Peruse the stores at the mall. Eat at a casual restaurant. You don’t need an excuse to get fancy!
  9. Get a pedicure. Soon, you’ll be covering up your tootsies with thick socks and heavy boots. Before it’s too late, dazzle up your feet with a nice pedicure. Choose a flashy nail polish color so your feet get all of the attention. Wear sandals to show them off.
  10. Hold a garage sale. Garage sale season is almost over. Get rid of all the clutter in your home and sell it out on the driveway. You can make a little extra cash, get rid of things you don’t like, and make someone else’s day. If you live in an apartment, give it to charity instead! Or sell the good stuff on eBay!

Quick! Do these things before it’s too late. Or you’ll have to wait until next summer to have all of this outdoor fun.

And to my readers in the southern hemisphere: congrats on getting out of winter! Spring is at your door. Use these suggestions for having fun in the warmer months to come.


Photo credit: Crystal

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