Urban Decay Sparkling Edible Body Powder for Holiday Season 2010

When I think of Urban Decay, I mostly think of eye shadow and primer potion. That’s what they’re most famous for, anyway.

But…did you know they have a new, sexy body powder for their holiday collection?

You heard me correctly. Sexy body powder. And it’s flavored.

It’s actually called Urban Decay Sparkling Edible Body Powder. It comes in three different varieties, each retailing for $29.

It comes in…

  • Honey: sparkling gold
  • Cocoa: sparkling bronze
  • Marshmallow: sparkling white

So the powder tastes just like the name. If I had to try one, I’d go with Honey, because gold looks good on me.

The Sparkling Edible Body Powders come in decorative boxes with little tassels on top.

Are you going to pick this up?


Photo credit: Urban Decay

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